Some Baoma do a lot of preparation when bathing the baby, but when they want to bathe the baby, they don’t know what the steps of bathing the baby are. They are in a hurry and the baby is not comfortable. In fact, the steps of bathing the baby generally have the following eight steps, which can easily bathe the baby. Next small make-up to uncover the eight steps of baby bath!

8 steps for baby bathing in winter

1. Turn on the warm air conditioner in the room (note that it is not the bathroom), and adjust it to 25 degrees. Put the clean clothes on the bed layer by layer, cotton padded jacket at the bottom, then sweater, underwear, diapers on the top, and warm them with heating equipment such as hot water bag. In addition, dry gauze towel, moisturizing oil, talcum powder and cotton stick are put aside.

2. Bring the items needed for bathing into the bathroom. Items include: baby hair essence, bath gel, bath towel, gauze towel, small towel, baby comb and small square stool, etc.

3. Close the doors and windows of the bathroom, use the bath heater and heater to increase the room temperature to 27-29 ℃, or use the bath cover to maintain a certain temperature in the bath cover.

4. Put cold water first, then hot water, and adjust the water temperature to 37-40 ℃. More water to cover the baby’s body.

5. Wash your baby’s hair. When washing your hair, you should keep your baby warm. Don’t take off your underwear or wrap your body with a big towel. After shampooing, wrap the baby with “sheep’s horn head”. Then wash the body, immerse the baby’s body in the water. If the water is cold, heat the water in time. When heating the water, hold the baby away to avoid scalding.

6. Bath time should not exceed 10 minutes. After washing, a large bath towel is used to wrap the baby’s whole body and absorb water.

7. Quickly hold the baby into the room with the heating on, and then use the gauze towel to dry the skin folds under the armpit and neck, and put on the baked clothes after applying the baby oil and talcum powder, and protect the naked body with the bath towel. Clean the dirt in the ears and nostrils with a cotton stick after wearing.

8. Feed the baby some warm water and observe whether he is unwell.

It is worth noting that if you bathe the newborn within 7 days, because the umbilical cord stump has not fallen off, you should take special care not to touch it when bathing. Wet bath, don’t worry, just dry with a clean cotton swab and apply 75% alcohol. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you