Many children have such a stage: don’t like bathing! Coax not to bathe! Fierce do not bathe! I cry hard and make trouble with you in a big deal. Often, I make adults sweaty and “take a bath”. What about children who don’t like bathing? Let’s understand the reason why the baby refuses to take a bath together, and let the baby love taking a bath without worry!

What makes a baby refuse to bathe?

Reason 1: baby takes bath as a game

For babies, they didn’t have the concept of bathing. Bathing is a game and playing with water. Therefore, they may sit in the bathtub and flutter around. If they play hard, they may not want to come out. But most of the parents take a bath to let their children take a bath. The bath should be clean, there is a time limit, and the water should not be spilled out, etc. When the adult’s idea is not consistent with the baby’s, the baby naturally takes the resistance psychology to this matter.

Reason 2: the bather changed

2-3-year-old babies are in the sensitive period of order, they should follow the established order to get a sense of security, otherwise they will be uncomfortable. If grandma always bathes the baby, and then suddenly changes the mother to wash it, the baby will feel uncomfortable, which is one of the key factors that the baby does not love bathing.

Reason 3: interrupting the ongoing game

Baby’s game hasn’t finished yet, and suddenly he is asked to take a bath. If the needs are not met, the baby will resist bathing. Similar situations also exist, for example, when there is unhappiness before bathing, the baby will make use of it to express his feelings and dissatisfaction by refusing to take a bath.

How to make baby love bath?

Method 1: parents should first learn to think about transposition

If you are a little baby and want to take a bath, how would you feel? I hope the water is warm and suitable. I hope someone gently touches your back. I hope you can hold the water in the basin with your little hand. Can you understand it? The baby has his own understanding and needs for bathing. So we should pay attention to the baby’s needs and respect the baby’s needs.

Method 2: find out the baby’s habits

Before each bath, let the baby decide how much water to put in the basin and let him choose the water toys to play. If he likes to wash himself, then let him wash himself. Of course, parents must take good care of him. Give him some time to paddle freely. If the baby is well washed, the adult should give encouragement in time.

Method 3: bring game mentality

To make bathing easier, it’s best to take a relaxed and pleasant attitude when bathing your baby. Wash it for him while doing some communication. For example, make some little weird expressions and play some small games; for example, rub your little arms, wash your little faces and eggs, and make bathing fun.

&If your baby doesn’t like to take a bath, he will cry and make noise as soon as he takes a bath. When it comes to the bath time, the whole family will be mobilized and the baby will be exhausted. The baby has no sense of safety and his hands and feet are easy to move. You may as well try these methods! If you want to learn more about children’s health habits online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read