Now, with the high blood pressure rampant in people’s health field, children inevitably become the target of high blood pressure. There are many kinds of factors inducing hypertension in our life, and the reasons of hypertension in children are related to video games, which needs our attention in our life.

Video game induced hypertension in children

In 2005 and 2006, nearly 7000 primary and secondary school students were monitored by the Municipal Women and children’s health care center. After blood pressure measurement, it was found that although the average value of blood pressure of male and female students increased slowly with age for two consecutive years, which was in line with the characteristics of age-related changes of blood pressure in children, the problem of hypertension in children had been compared Outstanding. In 2005, the detection rate of hypertension was 9.4%, including 11.1% for boys and 7.6% for girls; by 2006, it had risen to 13.5%, including 16.4% for boys and 10.2% for girls. In addition to their obesity, many of these students with high blood pressure have very normal body shape. In 2005, the prevalence of hypertension in normal students was 6.2%, and in 2006, it was 8.2%.

Experts say that many students are now suffering from long-term study stress, high stress, high concentration of spirit, high sugar, high fat diet and lack of sleep. These lifestyle and habits do not meet the health standards, which directly lead to the occurrence of hypertension. Some students are addicted to video games, the brain and central nervous system are still in the period of incomplete development, easy to be excited and tired, long-term stimulation by video games, will make the cerebral cortex excited and inhibited imbalance, cause endocrine dysfunction and lead to blood pressure rise.

Researchers abroad have carried out extensive follow-up investigations, proving that video games are closely related to induced hypertension in children. After measuring the blood pressure changes of children before, during and after playing video games, it is found that the proportion of children who often play games is much higher than that of other children; the range of blood pressure rise when children play games is much higher than that when adults play similar games; and the blood pressure of children whose parents have high blood pressure or heart disease is much higher than that of children whose parents have normal blood pressure when they play games The pressure rises faster and more.

High blood pressure is also at risk in children

Now many people still think that high blood pressure is a multiple disease of middle-aged and elderly people. People who have high blood pressure in children of minors know less about it and are less aware of its harm. In fact, there is a track phenomenon of blood pressure, that is, children with high blood pressure in childhood will also have high blood pressure in adulthood, and those young people with early hypertension are more likely to develop into real hypertension than their peers, including those with family history of hypertension. Although mild children’s hypertension may not have any symptoms for a long time, it can slowly damage blood vessels, heart, kidney and brain. Most of the sick children will be troubled by hypertension in adulthood, such as causing cardiovascular disease, cerebral ischemia, kidney damage, diabetes, even blindness. Some people also have vascular blockage and rupture without any discomfort Sudden death from rupture or heart attack.

Experts warn parents that playing video games is an inducement to high blood pressure in children and adolescents, which cannot but attract people’s attention. Let children play video games should be moderate amount, a time to play the game should not exceed 3 hours, especially parents with high blood pressure should pay more attention to their children. If the child has headache, dizziness, convulsion, vomiting, dizziness, breathing difficulty and other symptoms after playing games, it is likely to belong to children’s hypertension, and should be treated in time. Young people’s early high blood pressure can be relieved only by resting for a few hours, but if it happens repeatedly for a long time, it will become a real high blood pressure patient.

Prevention of hypertension from four aspects

To prevent the occurrence of hypertension, we should start from children to develop good living habits: first, we should always take part in physical exercise, strengthen our physique, eat less animal fat, eat more fruits and vegetables, and prevent overweight; second, we should avoid and eliminate all kinds of bad mental stimulation and strong emotional excitement, and prevent fatigue; third, we should eat every day for teenagers suffering from essential hypertension The salt content should be controlled below 12g; the fourth is to check the blood pressure regularly, usually once a semester, and monitor the abnormal situation.

Video games induce high blood pressure in children. Parents pay attention! High blood pressure has laid a huge hidden danger to children’s healthy growth. Children in life to maintain a relaxed and happy mood, so that their own away from the invasion of high blood pressure. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!