Nowadays, many children are infatuated with watching TV, and their babies are still young. They can’t distinguish what is suitable for them to watch and what isn’t suitable for them to watch, but the contents in TV are very miscellaneous and disorderly, so watching TV for a long time is very harmful, especially violent programs may lead to violence tendency of babies, parents need to pay more attention!

1. Is it serious that children watch TV too long?

Children have more important things to do than watching TV. They can spend a lot of time on TV on more meaningful things, playing building blocks, learning art, running around, communicating with people, etc. these activities are conducive to brain development;

Watching TV is easy for people to indulge in it and form bad habits; watching TV for a long time changes brain development; watching TV for a long time is not conducive to children’s learning and reading ability and makes their learning not excellent.

TV and computer will stimulate children’s brain to develop in different directions. Many examples show that the more children watch TV, the more likely they are to suffer from ADHD. Children can do many useful activities, such as climbing trees, swimming, art design, social activities, playing with parents, brothers and sisters, reading and so on. This not only promotes brain development, but also exerts their social ability, problem-solving ability, arithmetic and reasoning ability.

In addition, it’s better not to let children become addicted to playing computer, although computer is a little better than TV – computer can interact with people. If children play computer for an hour every day, their other social activities will be delayed or even cancelled, which will cause great damage to their eyes.

The influence of violent TV programs

Studies have shown that children may also have violent tendencies in a family environment without violence. The influence of TV programs with violence on children:

1. Slowly accept the means of solving problems with violence;

2. Immunity and indifference to violence;

3. Imitate violence on TV.

3. Here are some suggestions:

1. Pay attention to children’s watching programs and watch them together;

Keep the remote control away from the child’s bedroom;

3. Point out the bad plots in the program and explain the truth for them;

If you want to quit watching TV and playing computer, you can try reading. Reading books can let children concentrate on the books and get rest at the same time, without too much attention from parents. I’m going to remind you that it also requires you to spend a certain amount of time and energy on children, otherwise children are easily attracted by TV and computers. Let children understand that self entertainment is what they should do, so as to help develop their imagination and self-discipline. Learning to manage and pass your time is also a priceless treasure and an important ability, especially in the current fast-paced life and the prevailing multimedia society.

Of course, the most scientific way is to try not to let children touch TV, and usually take children to outdoor sports. To enrich the baby’s life, not limited to the small world of television. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.