When we were little, we were often reminded: “don’t watch TV so close!” Or “don’t watch TV all the time, your eyes are broken!” This is to protect our eyesight, and now whether we read books, watch TV or play computer, we have some damage to eyesight. What kind of light is good for eye health?

What kind of light is good for eye health

Experts believe that in any case, the better the light is, the more appropriate the light can ensure that the eye vision is not damaged.

Generally speaking, the dark reading time line will not directly cause vision damage, but the light is too weak, and the handwriting on the book will be blurred. In order to identify clearly, the book must be taken close, and the adjustment burden of the eye will be increased. Therefore, in the daytime, the indoor lighting is insufficient, and in the dark light at night, learning is easy to produce myopia. But the light is too strong, the eye is excessively stimulated, can feel uncomfortable, sometimes can produce the damage to the retina, therefore does not read under the intense sunlight. Reading, newspaper, writing to choose their own lighting, to see clearly the handwriting is appropriate; the best light source from the front left, to avoid the shadow obstruct the line of sight.

No matter reading or writing, do not exceed 60 minutes at a time. It is better to have a rest for 35 minutes every 30 or 40 minutes, or look at the sky outside the window and the trees in the distance to rest your eyes.

As for many people, it is not correct to turn off the lights when watching TV so that the images are clear and the electricity can be saved. Because when watching TV, the light turns off, the room becomes dark, but the TV screen is very bright. When it’s dark and bright, the light contrast is very strong. After watching for a long time, the eyes will be very tired, easy to cause acid swelling, and even headache. The right way is to turn on a light that is not too bright, and the light should not directly shine on the TV screen, otherwise the image will not be clear, nor direct to the eyes, but should be placed on the side or far away from the TV, so that the TV image will be soft and clear, and the eyes will be comfortable.

In the use of computers, the current LCD screen has the problem of “too high brightness”, which is easy to stab the eyes and cause health problems such as vision loss. Therefore, when using the computer, the brightness and contrast of the display screen should be adjusted as low as possible. If a protective film against light reflection can be pasted on the LCD screen, it is better to prevent not only LCD screen damage, but also light reflection and vertigo. The distance between eyes and screen should be about 60 cm. At the same time, when using the computer, the light of the surrounding environment should not be too bright. It is better not to hit the computer at the window, otherwise there will be glare and reflection problems, resulting in eye fatigue and soreness. The brightness of the surrounding environment should not be more than 3 times of the brightness of the display screen. The office and home environment can be measured by using a photometer. If the direct light source on the head can be selected, it is better.

Therefore, at the end of the article, the editor should remind: do not turn off the light when watching TV at night! Please protect our bright eyes. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.