Wash, wash and bathe, baby safety care is indispensable. In the newborn care, the most busy thing for the new parents is to bathe the newborn, especially in recent days, the temperature keeps falling, and it’s easy for the baby to catch cold accidentally. How to bathe the newborn is the safest? Are you sure to do well?

Precautions for bathing new baby

Don’t shower too often

The newborn does not need to take a bath frequently, and the sweat excreted by the newborn is limited. It does not need to take a bath every day. It can be washed once every other day in hot days and once every two days in cold days.

Suitable for scrubbing at first

In the baby umbilical cord has not fallen off, or fall off does not grow well, at this time should not put the baby in the water bath. It is better to choose the way of gently scrubbing, so as to avoid the umbilical cord water. If the water is inadvertently infused, it should be scrubbed with iodine wine and alcohol.

Pay attention to the change of water temperature

Test the water temperature at any time during the bath. If you find that the baby’s face skin is a little white, it is likely that the water temperature is already cold. Should add hot water in time, and end bathing as soon as possible, put the baby in a warm quilt, and drink some hot milk to warm up.

Do not use alkaline detergent

The skin pH of newborn is 6.5-7.5, which is alkaline and does not have the ability to resist bacteria. In order not to improve the alkalinity of the newborn’s skin, when bathing the premature infant and the newborn with damaged skin, only use the water with proper temperature to scrub.

Watch out for baby’s greasiness

The baby’s body will become more slippery after touching water, and sometimes it will be more slippery after rubbing baby soap. Therefore, parents must pay attention to protect the baby, and should not grasp too tightly because of fear of the baby slipping out. In a word, all protective measures should be taken.

Avoid rubbing baby with towel

When using a towel, it should be rubbed with a stick. Newborn’s skin is the most delicate, no matter in the process of cleaning, or finally for the baby dry, do not use towel rub baby’s skin. If the baby’s skin is scratched, it can be easily infected.

Prevent water from entering eyes and ears

When washing your baby’s face or hair, be careful not to let the water into your baby’s eyes or ears. Some novice parents are not careful enough, and the baby is not very cooperative, it is easy to splash water into the baby’s ears, eyes, and even nose, so you should be very careful.

Pay attention to bath time

The bath time should not be more than 5 minutes or less than 10 minutes. Too long time is easy to cool or dehydrate the baby.

You don’t have to use talcum powder

Generally, talcum powder is not needed. If it’s summer, you can rub some talcum powder on the fold of baby’s skin, mainly under the jaw, armpit and groin, just a thin layer. Be careful not to let the powder into the baby’s mouth or nose when applying.

Therefore, after having a child, you will spend more time on bathing. Parents should also pay attention to the safety of children when bathing. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!