In life, there are many stimulants that cause fear or disgust of babies. If they cause fear and disgust of babies, they will have avoidance behavior and crying response. Resistance to shampoo is one of the defensive conditioning reactions. This can be sad parents, to wash the baby’s hair like a war? Finding the right solution is important.

Wash your baby’s hair like a battle

There are always parents who complain that when washing their children’s hair, especially children and preschool children, they will inevitably scream, get mad, cry, try to escape from the bathroom, and so on! The truth is, as a mom and Dad, it’s also a big headache – no mom and dad want to wash their children’s hair and become a star wars mess. But the problem is so intractable. Even parents are afraid to wash their children’s hair at night, or to wash their hair every few days.

2. Find the right solution

In many cases, it’s hard for parents to realize that when trying to find a solution to a problem related to their children, it’s obvious that you don’t know why it’s always hard to find a quick and effective way. For example, when a toddler keeps opening her bag and throwing it on her bed at the time of bedtime to protest that she doesn’t want to sleep! As a mother, she is often at a loss. Although you know you should stop her rebelliousness and try to get her to sleep as fast as possible, it seems difficult to come up with a compromise and effective solution at present. In similar cases, the onlookers, such as the children’s grandmother and grandmother, may have an idea in time.

It’s part of what mothers complain about or blame themselves for: why didn’t they come up with a good solution to even a simple child problem? In the same way, it also applies to the event of washing children’s hair.

3. Simple problems are complicated

Mothers will try more children’s dedicated “no tears” shampoo, try not to let the water flow into children’s eyes as much as possible, or “coax and deceive”, or help children wash their hair by tilting the angle, in short, use all available ways to deal with the hysteria of children in the process of hair washing.

IV. changing the angle will be solved

Why don’t moms consider using baby’s goggles when swimming? So, from a technical point of view, this is undoubtedly an accidental discovery. For example, when children are learning in swimming class, and when they are playing, they try to practice with swimming glasses, which brings “inspiration” to their mothers – why not consider that they also wear safety goggles when they wash their hair?! This is no doubt a good opportunity to protect children’s eyes from shampoo and water. At the same time, it saves a series of crying and struggling escape. Also, it won’t make mothers as tired as a battle when washing their children’s hair – obviously, it’s a win-win strategy.

Rationality and calmness can help parents make more accurate choices, and also help to think about solutions to problems related to children. Sometimes, when a child escapes from a certain kind of behavior, it is not really exclusive, but needs to transform a form for better acceptance.

It is suggested that Baoma should master the correct way of shampoo and precautions, and then use other ways of shampoo and comfort for babies! If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!