Washing your baby’s hair and bathing seems to be a small matter in daily life, but in fact, there is a lot of knowledge in it. Especially into the summer, the weather is hot, the baby is very easy to sweat, shampoo for the baby, these precautions can not be ignored!

A good way to wash children’s hair

Before washing the baby’s hair, experts suggest that the mother should first test the water temperature with her elbow or wrist. When the temperature is right, hold the baby’s body with her left arm. At the same time, hold his head and neck firmly with her left hand, so that the baby’s head is slightly tilted downward, legs are slightly upward, and the mother and child face to face.

Then the mother uses her left thumb and index finger to hold the children’s ears on both sides to prevent water from flowing into the ears; her right hand moistens the baby’s head and applies a proper amount of shampoo to gently rub it clockwise. The mother can clean the baby’s head at the same time and massage it gently with her right hand. The length of shampoo time can be controlled according to children’s mood. Generally, it can be washed with warm water after 2-5 minutes.

When using warm water to clean shampoo, in order to avoid shampoo getting into ears or eyes, you can also dip a small towel in warm water, slowly follow the trend, and wipe the shampoo clean.

After washing the head, it’s better to massage the head for the child. It’s very helpful to stabilize the mood, improve sleep, stimulate the whole body senses, and promote the communication between mother and child.

It’s important to remind that you don’t have to worry about washing your children’s hair. Just take your time and don’t rush to work. Also, don’t wash your children’s hair after they have just eaten. This time is not appropriate, sometimes it will cause the baby to spit. Frequency words generally wash once every other day can, and also do not need to use shampoo every time, with words the best choice of less stimulating category. Make sure your child’s shampoo is safe.

No matter how old you wash your baby’s hair, you should pay attention to emotional comfort. When washing the hair, let the baby’s body be close to your chest as much as possible, and contact with his upper body more closely. Don’t over hang the baby’s head, tilt it a little bit, and at the same time, comfort the baby constantly to increase the child’s sense of security. After several times, the baby will not cry any more. If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other home-based knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s personal health and safety common sense column.