Do you know the harm of washing powder to human body? At ordinary times, many people use washing powder to wash clothes conveniently and quickly. Its usage rate is far higher than that of soap, but many people know little about the harm of washing powder;.

Relevant experts said that after long-term direct contact with alkaline detergent, the weak acid environment on the surface of the skin will be damaged, and its effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria will disappear, which will easily lead to skin itching, even cause allergic dermatitis and other symptoms or leave pigmentation on the skin. So never wash your hair with washing powder or touch your skin for a long time. If you wash clothes by hand, you’d better use soap.

According to relevant experts, they have received many patients with discomfort due to taking washing powder by mistake, most of them suffered from chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, blood vomiting and defecation, as well as oral and throat pain. Animal experiments also showed that long-term exposure to large doses of washing powder can lead to liver and nerve damage, and lead to cancer.

Washing powder, do not mix with disinfectant

Many housewives like to add some disinfectant when washing clothes with washing powder. But this kind of washing method may reduce the effect of cleaning and disinfection.

The composition of washing powder is different, there are anion, cation or non-ionic, so is the disinfectant. If washing powder and disinfectant are mixed, it is easy to generate a neutralizing reaction, and their respective efficacy will be weakened.

According to relevant experts, disinfectant is mostly used to eliminate pathogenic microorganism pollution. Unless under special conditions, such as red eye disease, diarrhea, gray nails, scalp ringworm, etc. or women’s menstrual period, puerperal period and infant period, there is no need to use disinfectant to wash clothes. Because people have a certain resistance, a small number of non pathogenic microorganisms will not pose a threat to health. After washing and drying clothes in sufficient sunlight, the bacteria remaining on the clothes will self destruct after reaching a certain time. Frequent use of disinfectant not only reduces the body’s own resistance, but also easily causes liver damage.

Washing powder, the simpler the function, the better

Now many washing powders on the market have added some new ingredients, with more and stronger washing functions. These ingredients mainly include surfactants, detergents, stabilizers, brighteners, flavors and enzymes, so as to achieve solubility, cleanliness, softening, foaming, and preventing clothing static electricity. But more substances are added to the washing powder, which is not good for our health.

Studies have shown that commonly used lotions are harmful to human liver, and surfactants have been found to damage skin cuticles and rough skin. They are now regarded as a major public nuisance to pollute the environment. The alkaline substances contained in strong detergent powder can also destroy the human cell membrane and make tissue protein denatured. Flushing the nose often causes some people’s allergies; the organic chlorine and fluorescent agent contained in whitening washing powder are toxic substances, which are easy to accumulate in human body and cause damage to health.

Therefore, to buy washing powder, we should try to choose the one with simple function, less added ingredients and light smell. From the point of view of environmental protection, it is best to choose non phosphorus washing powder with little water pollution.

In a word, washing powder is not a “universal cleaner”. Don’t use it wrong again! In addition, clean it after use. This is not only environmental protection, but also conducive to health. If you are interested in the knowledge of children’s bedding needs disinfection, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.