Nowadays, there are electromagnetic radiation from computers, televisions, mobile phones, microwave ovens and other household appliances. These electromagnetic radiation are full of space, colorless, tasteless and invisible, and can penetrate a variety of substances including human body. If human body is exposed to more than safe radiation dose for a long time, cells will be killed or killed in a large area, leading to pathological changes. According to foreign data, electromagnetic radiation has become one of the pathogenic sources of human health.

Electromagnetic field of home appliances will harm human body

Scientists from Karolinska University in Stockholm, Sweden, investigated more than 430000 residents living near the high-voltage line for a long time, and clearly pointed out that electromagnetic wave has a direct connection with cancer, especially brain tumor and childhood leukemia. Most hospitals in Japan have a restricted area and are forbidden to use mobile phones to avoid interference with sensitive medical equipment. Electromagnetic radiation pollution is the pollution of energy flow, which is invisible and intangible, but full of the whole space, and has a strong penetration. Any creature or device is surrounded by it and is affected by it unless it is shielded.

Moreover, the more social development is, the more serious the environmental pollution caused by electromagnetic radiation is. Therefore, electromagnetic wave is not only a carrier of information and energy flow beneficial to social development, but also a pollution factor harmful to human life. Its harmful effect has been highly valued in the field of international environmental protection. The electromagnetic wave of household appliances whether the electromagnetic wave produced by various household appliances will lead to brain cancer, leukemia, malformed children, abortion, etc., although there are many objections to this, some experts believe that this is a fact.

Dr. car penter of New York University thinks that 10% – 15% of all children’s cancer diseases are caused by 100V household power supply and electrical products. At the same time, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also expressed concern about this and warned people to avoid electromagnetic waves as much as possible.

Electric mattress. The electric mattress is a typical product which has close contact with the body for a long time. Epidemiologic investigation shows that the electric mattress directly contacts the skin, and makes the resting cells stay in the electromagnetic wave for a long time, thus causing human health disorders.

Computer. Computers quickly enter thousands of homes. Computer users are in the electric field, which is perpendicular to the electric conductor and the surface of the earth. The magnetic line of force is different from the power line. The magnetic line generated by the internal current of the computer display is not affected by the human body or the ground surface, and passes through the human body in a circular shape. The visible electric field is easily shielded by the conductor, and the magnetic field is easy to pass through all objects. Therefore, compared with electric field, magnetic field has more influence on organism. From 1979 to 1982, 42 pregnant women with 7 terminal displays working in Ottawa, Canada, miscarried, one was born prematurely, and the remaining two were infants with respiratory diseases. A pregnant woman who did not use a terminal display gave birth to a normal baby.

Fluorescent lamp. The intensity of magnetic field produced by different fluorescent lamps is quite different, but the research shows that when two 20W fluorescent lamps are juxtaposed, the intensity of magnetic field outside 10cm is 100mg, while that outside 25cm is 6.5mg. And the most harmful to the body is the lamp close to the user’s head. In addition, fluorescent lamps not only produce electromagnetic waves but also release ultraviolet rays, which can cause skin cancer, cataracts and so on. The output power of mobile phone is up to 1W. In the 1990s, mobile phone factories and communication companies in the United States received huge compensation lawsuits. Most of the plaintiffs believe that they have brain tumors and other brain diseases after using mobile phones. In addition, there are many victims.

It has been recognized that the electromagnetic wave of mobile phones disrupts avionics and causes aircraft accidents. In March last year, Japan banned the use of mobile phones in hospitals because people found that electromagnetic waves from mobile phones affected the work of medical devices.

In addition, we use many electrical appliances such as air conditioning, hair dryer, oven, vacuum cleaner, fryer, coffee pot, electronic watch, lighting equipment, etc. The products with large current are vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, blower, oven, fryer, etc. When the electromagnetic wave affects the human body in the electric field, the conductivity of the human body causes the current to flow into the earth through the skin, and the magnetic field may have an impact on the iron molecules in the blood when passing through the human body. The electric field through the skin may cause skin diseases such as eczema. It is said that women who often use computers are prone to skin aging. It is also recognized that electromagnetic wave is more harmful to blood cells, genitals, lymph and other tissues with faster cell proliferation and to children. However, the influence of electromagnetic wave on human body is difficult to be scientifically and carefully explored. Because various environmental factors act on human body, and it is difficult to do long-term follow-up investigation. The influence of electromagnetic wave on human body was verified by epidemic investigation and animal experiment.

In 1979, Professor n. Wertheimer and Professor E. Leeper of the University of Colorado in the United States conducted an epidemiological survey between high-voltage transmission lines and childhood cancer. The results showed that the incidence of leukemia in children with strong electromagnetic field was three times higher than that in other children. The so-called epidemiological investigation is a research method to compare the factors that think the cause of cancer with the increased probability of cancer patients. The well-known epidemic research is “smoking and lung cancer”, that is, to compare the number of lung cancer patients in a large number of smokers and non-smokers. Here we study the relationship between smoking and lung cancer.

This method is used to study the relationship between electromagnetic wave and child cancer. The report has a great impact not only on the United States but also on European countries, making people actively study the impact of ELF electromagnetic wave on human body. At present, through a variety of animal experiments, experts and scholars from Europe, the United States and Japan believe that strong electromagnetic waves have great harm to human body.

Therefore, parents should be careful that the electromagnetic field of home appliances may lead to leukemia, cancer and other diseases of children. In order to avoid the harm of babies, try to keep them away from these home appliances, or try to reduce electromagnetic radiation, so that babies can grow up healthily. If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.