TV is very popular with children. Many parents will use TV to coax their babies when they are not willing to eat, when they are not obedient, when they are noisy and so on. However, this is a mistake. Parents should be careful that the “hidden violence” of TV sets hurt their children!

Question 1: give the baby to the TV nanny

Case: for cocoa mothers at work, what they lack most is time. Although she is reluctant to give her children to the TV nanny, she says she can do something by herself only when the children are sitting in front of the TV. There is not enough time to accompany her in real life, which makes her feel helpless.

Comments: “TV nanny” is the cheapest and most effective nanny in modern life. What is the impact of “TV nanny” taking care of children on their healthy growth? British TV once launched a debate: if a mother does not have time to take care of her children, should she have children? The same debate also happened in Belgium, whether it is family work or social work to take care of her children at home: the result is social work. There is no time to take care of children and hope that they will be taken care of at the same time, which is the contradiction of modern people and requires parents to make painful choices.

Tip: a simple way is to ask the TV and CD-ROM out of the bedroom. At this time, the children will pester their parents to play, and they will forget the TV after crying for a few days. If you don’t have time to play with your child, you can play with your child at the beginning. When the child is ready to play, you can do what you want to do. In fact, some housework can let children do with you, so that children gradually learn to live.

Question 2: children always imitate advertising content

Case: Yueyue, 4, often likes to imitate the advertisements on TV. She once said to her mother, “a mother with spots is not beautiful!” and then she learned how to touch her mother’s face, which surprised her mother. Yue Yue’s mother said anxiously, “the child is still young, and can’t fully judge what beauty is. But the power of the media seems to have positioned my mother completely. “

Comments: children learn from imitation. In fact, the second half of this advertisement also has the positive significance of children caring about their mothers. The mother might as well expand this aspect of content, can say to the child like this: “this advertisement also said that the children should care about the mother, do you care about the mother?”

Tip: in fact, the media is a double-edged sword. Parents should choose some good public service advertisements according to the characteristics that children can imitate, such as children washing their mother’s feet, etc., to accompany children to watch.

Problem 3: unable to select TV content

Case: Wen Wen goes to grandma’s house after mom goes to work in the daytime. Grandma likes watching TV, so it’s basically open all day. One day Wenwen’s mother went to pick up her son. Wenwen wanted to kiss her mother, which made Wenwen’s mother worried about the bad influence of TV on her son.

Comment: it is true that there are many contents in TV that are not suitable for children to watch. For some contents that are not suitable for children to see early or have deviation from their understanding, they should communicate with the elderly.

When parents are talking with their children, it’s better to involve the elderly, so that they can also slowly know which programs or contents the children are better not to watch.

Tip: every day, you can arrange some things for your child to finish, such as drawing, assembling toys, etc. you can also let the old man and the child finish together, and grade and reward according to the completion. This will at least ensure that the child will not sit in front of the TV for a certain period of time.

Question 4: there are also problems with cartoons

Case: “let’s see my mother’s interests!” it surprised my mother to hear Meimei say such words that day. Only when I asked did I know that it was my daughter who learned to watch cartoons.

Meimei’s mother is puzzled. How can the cartoons for her children cause such problems? At the same time, she is worried that some cartoons are very popular in the children’s circle. If they are not shown to her daughter, will they alienate her daughter from other children?

Comments: because the cost of animation production is very high, some companies in order to make profits, will make some animation, which may appear fighting, pornography and other scenes. So not all cartoons are suitable for children.

If the cartoon for the older children or adults is sent to the children’s eyes, it will have a bad impact on the children.

Tip: don’t let children watch these cartoons, will it cause obstacles and pressure to children’s communication? The answer is definitely: No. But only if the child does not have social barriers. In fact, the more TV you watch and the less time you spend with other children, the more likely you are to have social problems.

The influence of American TV on children

American children have watched 5000 to 8000 hours of television before going to school, according to a survey. By high school, the time of watching TV has exceeded the time of studying in class.

Educational institutions in the United States have found that children now devote all their playing time to television, resulting in 35% of children not being able to attend kindergarten. These 5-year-old children don’t know their full name, where they live, can’t recognize colors, can’t use pencils, have short attention, don’t express their confidence, are not used to following the command They have normal intelligence, but lack of life experience. Chinese parents should attach great importance to similar problems.

All in all, children are not suitable for watching TV. We should try our best to avoid the above hazards to children and prevent greater harm! If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.