When many mothers bathed Dabao, they were at a loss when they saw his small soft body. Don’t worry. Today I’m going to talk to you about the tips of bathing your baby. Let’s see the experts teach you the whole process of bathing.

The right way to bathe your baby

“Most families use a bath for their babies, but the shower is cleaner.” Experts said that before bathing, the temperature in the room should be adjusted to 26 ℃ – 28 ℃, “it is recommended to open the windows for ventilation before bathing, but not for ventilation during bathing, because the temperature should be guaranteed to avoid cold for the baby.” She demonstrated the steps of the shower on the spot.

Step 1: take off your baby’s clothes first, put on a bath towel to test the water temperature. “No matter in the shower or in the bath, the water temperature is 36 ℃ – 40 ℃. If the water temperature is 45 ℃, the baby’s skin will be very red, and will collapse due to sweating, and the heart rate will also be accelerated. If the temperature goes up, you may be scalded. If the temperature is 50 ℃ or above, you must be scalded. It is recommended that parents prepare a thermometer to measure the water temperature. Some thermostatic water heaters also have temperature indication. “

Step 2: if you want to wash your hair, don’t take off the bath towel. First fold your ears back to avoid water. Then wet your hair, put on the bath gel, rub it into bubbles, wash your head after washing, and dry it with a dry towel. “Generally, we suggest washing your face first and then washing your hair, and don’t rub your hands directly on your baby’s face, because their skin is very tender, just use a wet towel to gently wipe it.” After wiping the face and hair, it is time to wash the body. Take off the bath towel. Hold the left hand under the baby’s left armpit, head on the left arm, and hold the left leg under the right leg with the right hand passing through the right leg, and start bathing.

Step 3: wash the body and wet it. If some babies cry, pat their chest and feel the water temperature. Turn their ears back, put the bath gel, rub it into bubbles, wash it and scrub it with towel. Then wash the back, chin against the arm, hand under the right armpit, pay attention to be higher than the water, the big baby can also sit and wash. Then put the baby on the bath towel to dry.

“In the bathtub, the steps are the same as those in the shower, but it can’t be washed. Use a towel to scrub the baby.” Experts suggest that if you have a baby at home, you should put a non slip mat in the bathroom. “Clinically, there are many cases of falling injury due to bathroom slipping. There is water in the bathroom, which is very slippery. If the parents hold the baby carelessly, it will slip, causing harm.” In addition, squatting urinals, when used up, the best to plug, some children are too small to fall into.

Finally, Xiaobian reminded that the towel for baby’s bath must be soft cotton towel, and the baby’s tender skin can’t stand rough cloth. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.