Many children like to eat and play at the same time, it is difficult to sit in the chair quietly and finish the meal, and even some will run all over the room and eat a meal for a long time. Parents often use TV to control him. In fact, this is not the right way. Baibai safety net reminds children to watch TV when they eat. Be careful to become “little fat man”.

It’s easy for old people and children to choke while eating and playing

Lele, 13, eats peanuts while watching TV at home. From time to time, he throws peanuts into the air and picks them up with his mouth. Lele is having a good time, but suddenly she can’t breathe, and her face is dark and her lips are purple. Lele’s mother, sitting beside her, is at a loss. She doesn’t know that Lele is choking until she sees Lele pointing at her throat.

“I quickly let Lele bend down and pat him on the back. Finally, the peanut stuck in his throat fell out, and he gradually recovered his normal breath.” Immediately, Lele’s mother sent the child to the emergency department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University. Wang Ruitao, a doctor in the Department, immediately arranged Lele to take oxygen, sputum and other treatment. Soon, Lele’s face turned red and all the body indicators returned to normal.

“When a person swallows, there will be a series of structural changes in his throat. If he laughs or quarrels at this time, it is easy to cause swallowing reflex disorder, resulting in food running into the trachea. I met a patient who took a breath while eating melon seeds, and the shell of melon seeds was sucked into the trachea. ” Niu Xueen said that this situation is especially common among children. He reminded parents not to let their children talk or play when they eat, especially when they eat granular food such as melon seeds and peanuts.

In addition, the elderly should also be vigilant. The elderly swallowing function is not coordinated, slow response, eating a little distracted, it is easy to choke. To this end, Niu Xueen reminded the elderly not to eat too fast, not to speak while eating, especially in eating Tangyuan and other sticky food, we must chew slowly.

Eating on TV can easily lead to malnutrition and obesity

In addition, a Canadian study has shown that children who eat while watching TV are at increased risk of obesity.

Xue Yuzhu, vice chairman of Clinical Nutrition Committee of Henan nutrition society, director of Nutrition Department of Zhengzhou hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and Nutrition Consultant of Zhengzhou Yuankang vocational training school, thinks that if you have a mouthful and are always attracted by TV and other things when eating, you may complete the eating action mechanically and subconsciously, so that sometimes you only eat a certain kind of food, sometimes you don’t stop To eat food, so it is difficult to eat all kinds of food in a balanced way, so it is easy to cause malnutrition and even obesity.

A famous American nutritionist pointed out that if you want to protect your stomach, you will not eat too much and become obese. An important principle is to concentrate on eating, not to use two things.

Xue Yuzhu explained that once a person is full, the stomach will give the brain a “full” signal to stop eating. However, when eating, the brain should also take into account other work, such as watching TV, playing computer, reading books, thinking about work, etc., which will not only affect the secretion of human digestive fluid, but also cause the brain to ignore the “full” signal sent by the stomach, making people eat constantly, resulting in excessive eating and excessive calorie intake, thus causing obesity.

Baby’s inattention to eat is mainly related to children’s habits. If Mom and dad pay attention to training their children’s attention and concentration when they are young, they believe that they will be more attentive when they eat or do other things, so mom and dad must pay attention to training their baby’s good habit of concentration when they are young. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!