In modern society, breast-feeding is advocated, which is good for baby’s health. It can also effectively prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. Many mothers are bored and like watching TV when they are nursing. Do you know how much it affects their babies?

Infants prefer “people” with smiling faces

Yasuki tanamura, from the Research Institute of the national growth medical center in Japan, studies the emotional and language development of infants and orangutans by observing their performance in watching TV. In 66 scenes in 12 minutes, experts found that: infants love to see the scene of the characters smiling towards the audience, not the scene of the characters looking sideways, sideways or backward. Their favorite is the smiling “people” greeting themselves, and they will react accordingly, so as to promote the development of the language system.

Contact with people, little children talk, lack of opportunities for development

Babies like adults who smile and say hello to them, but in modern society, the experience of contact between infants and people is decreasing.

Experts believe that, on the one hand, there are objective social reasons for this: for example, small family, three people’s families are often busy with their parents’ work; the decline in the birth rate, most of them are only children without companions to play; another important reason is the development of video media.

According to the survey conducted by Yuko Gucun, video media is easy to attract the attention of mothers. Many mothers watch TV or use mobile phones when they feed their babies. As a result, mothers and children do not look at each other when they feed their babies, and they do not cry even if no one around them. This may easily lead to the weak relationship between mothers and children. Watching TV together could have been a good opportunity for emotional communication, but The language communication between parents and children is very poor. This series of reasons lead to the lack of dialogue and play objects and the lack of opportunities for language development.

Active communication and dialogue to promote baby development

Therefore, experts remind parents that it is very important for infants to actively communicate with them. Parents should increase interaction and communication with their children, such as reading picture books and telling stories for their children, taking the initiative to communicate with their children when doing housework, singing to their children, talking about the content of programs and pictures with their children when watching TV, etc Even if it’s just a baby who can’t understand the language of adults, a simple smile and greeting from parents are the driving force for children’s language development. Parents should never neglect the important period of language development before the age of 5. They should let their children speak as soon as possible, and not make it difficult for them to speak.

Therefore, we should never feed while watching TV in the future. Otherwise, watching TV during feeding will have a great impact on the baby. We are worth watching! If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.