For many parents, bath time is a part of the most precious time spent with their children, and more than 80% of Chinese parents say they are reluctant to miss such a time. So, what are the benefits of regular bathing? Parents should know!

Promote brain development and make babies smarter

42% of mothers and fathers think that bathing can promote the development of baby’s brain. Indeed, bathing can stimulate baby’s brain development from multiple perspectives of hearing, touch and coordination ability, and help baby understand the world in more dimensions.

In terms of hearing, when the mother sings to the baby in the bath, it can stimulate the brain area responsible for memory, so that the baby’s memory is better; in terms of touch, the skin is the external nervous system of the human body, and it comes from the same embryonic layer as the brain. When bathing, it can touch and massage the baby to stimulate the brain development, which can improve the baby’s cognitive ability Vigilance and attention. Babies also like to play with bath bubbles, especially 2-3-year-old babies. Playing with bubbles or other safe water toys can exercise their hand eye coordination ability very well.

Strengthen parent-child interaction and make the relationship closer

In fact, for many parents, bath time is the most precious part of the time spent with their children. More than 80% of Chinese parents said they would not miss such a time. Bathing can promote the harmony of parent-child relationship and make the baby closer to the mother. 71% of parents said that after bathing the baby, they feel closer to the baby.

Taking a bath for the baby can strengthen the communication with the baby, especially when touching and massaging the baby, it will make the baby have more eye contact with the parents. When bathing, every interaction between parents and baby will make baby remember deeply.

Pay attention to bath details, milder and healthier

There are many advantages of bathing, of course, we should also use proper methods, otherwise it will be harmful. For example, cold water will shrink the capillaries and sweat glands of the baby’s whole skin, prevent the heat emission in the body, which is not conducive to cleaning the dirt on the skin, and is not conducive to the heat emission in the body. It is believed that it has become the general consensus of mothers not to bathe their baby in cold water. Experts generally recommend a bath temperature of around 38 degrees, mothers can refer to.

The baby’s sebum secretion is vigorous, the waste excretion is easy to block the pores, destroy the baby’s natural skin barrier function, and affect the healthy development of the baby’s skin. And water can’t take away these greasy dirt, so bathing baby needs to use bath products. It is recommended to use the baby’s special bath products 2-3 times a week, and occasionally bathe with clean water. At this time, the choice of bath products is very important, the best choice is soft and easy to wash, such as baby shampoo bath bubbles, the ingredients are more gentle, give the baby a proper cleaning, can care for the baby delicate sebum layer. After bathing, don’t forget to apply moisturizer to baby.

Parents should pay attention to the baby’s bath, in the process of bathing, give the baby more emotional experience, and share the good time of bathing with the baby. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!