Bathing is not only a pleasure for baby, but also a good opportunity for parent-child interaction. Bathing is not only good for baby’s health, but also has a vital impact on baby’s health habits when he grows up. So what are the baby shower steps? It’s comfortable to take a bath like this!

Six steps to bathe your baby

1. Prepare the baby for bathing

★ a baby bath

★ two clean and soft towels

★ baby bath or baby soap

★ Baby Shampoo (if baby has hair)

★ a clean diaper


★ clean clothes

2. Put warm water in the bath (37 ℃)

Put cold water first, then heat the water, and use your hands to check whether the water temperature is appropriate. Generally, it’s better to reheat the water a little bit than the low temperature. The sensitivity of the baby’s skin is five times that of the adult. You can buy a baby bath with a thermometer, but you’d better try it with your hands.

3. Slowly slide the baby into the bath and let his feet enter the water first

One hand holds the baby’s head and neck, and the other hand gently splashes water on the baby’s body, making his whole body gradually warm and moist.

4. Use baby shower gel

Don’t use too much shower gel, it will make the baby’s skin very dry.

5. Rinse

Use your hands to clean the baby up, down, left and right. But there’s no need to wash your baby’s hair. This stage is just to let the baby know the water and help him relax. If the baby likes it, let him enjoy it in the water.

6. Dry with soft towel

Gently hold the baby out of the bath, be careful, at this time the baby’s body is very slippery. Gently place him on a platform and dry his body with a towel. If your baby’s skin is dry, you can apply some baby lotion for him. Then put on his diapers and clothes. Finally, don’t forget to give the baby a sweet kiss!

Xiaobian suggests that after drying the baby, you can apply moisturizer to the baby. When applying the moisturizer, it is also a good touch, which is very helpful for the baby’s sleep. If you want to learn more about the health habits children need to cultivate online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read. One more knowledge is more care for the baby.