Many families, especially those with the elderly, think that children are not very dirty, and there is no need to take a bath frequently. Crying or not taking a bath means that children do not need to take a bath, and there is no need to take a bath. What’s more, I only wash the baby once in two or three weeks, each time it’s like “fighting”. So how to deal with baby bath crying?

Now let’s see what are the best ways to deal with the baby’s crying and bathing.

1. Choose the right time to take a bath

Mummy: it’s just two months since Jebel took a bath. It’s hard to wait on him. I just reached over to undress him. He was shocked, and then he cried.

According to my observation and discussion with my father, we found that there were several times when we took a bath in the evening. Maybe Jebel was sleepy. Sometimes it might be interrupting his milk. After that, we all chose him to take a bath when he was full and sleepy, and he didn’t cry so much.

Editor’s note:

Is the baby sleepy? Never insist on bathing your baby when he is sleepy. The baby’s eyelids were obviously drooping, yawning one by one. At this time, you let him take a bath, which is intended to make him unhappy. So bath time should not be too late, to wake up in the baby, the best is when he is excited about mental state.

Is the baby hungry? You must first make your baby full. If the time for feeding is not enough, it’s because it’s time to take a bath. If you stop feeding and let your baby take a bath, it’s not surprising that he doesn’t cry. When the little guy has enough to eat and drink, he will face the activity of bathing calmly. It should be noted that: after eating 30 minutes, wash again, so that the baby can have a period of time to digest food.

2. Adjust room temperature and water temperature

Shanshan meima: Shanshan will soon be 100 days old. Every time I take a bath, it’s like a war. She resists and wails so much that I’m exhausted. Later my mother-in-law reminded me whether the water was too cold or too hot I tried to change the water temperature slowly, and finally found the temperature that Shanshan liked.

Editor’s note:

Is the water too hot? If you use your hands to test the water temperature, it’s wrong. The baby’s skin is delicate and very sensitive to heat and cold, while the adult’s hands are relatively insensitive. It’s better to test the water temperature with your elbow, because it’s more sensitive than your hand. If you’re not sure, use a special thermometer. Keep the water temperature between 38-40 degrees.

Is the room temperature too low? When the baby takes a bath, the indoor temperature should be kept above 21 ℃. Before taking a bath, check whether there is a through air or whether the window leaks. Before you undress your baby, you can rub your hands, warm your hands, and then touch your baby’s skin, so that your palm temperature will make your baby feel more comfortable.

3. Mother comfort and touch

Home Xibao: Xibao just full moon, I have long been online to collect a variety of newborn bath precautions. Every time I bathed her according to the rules and regulations. But Xibao was still very afraid. As long as he took off his clothes, he began to cry. He couldn’t hold his breath when he cried. It really hurt me. But I can’t help but take a bath.

Editor’s note:

Afraid to undress? Taking off clothes may make the baby afraid. The baby is used to being wrapped. Once it is taken off, it will lose its sense of security. Before the baby takes a bath, you can gently touch him and gently coax him at the same time. Take off the clothes and hold him again, and then put him in the water, slowly the baby can adapt.

Afraid of water? Some babies cry as soon as they take a bath, or they may be afraid of water. For babies who are afraid of water, never put them directly into the water. You can let his feet and hands play with water first, and water a few water flowers. Then wet the baby’s back and chest with water, and then slowly put it into the water.

At the beginning, the baby may not be able to overcome the fear, so the bath time should be shortened as much as possible, about 5 minutes to get up, and when he slowly adapts, he can extend the time as needed.

4. Create a warm environment

Xiaoyue’s mother: Xiaoyue is nearly four months old. Bathing at birth is not always crying. Recently, as soon as I put it in the bath, I kept wriggling around and slapping the water. Later, I found out that it was because I changed a big bath, I quickly changed back to the original size of the bath, Xiaoyue bath more quiet. It seems that the baby is also nostalgic!

Editor’s note:

Don’t like bathtubs? The baby likes to stay in the familiar environment, so that she can feel enough security. Suddenly changed a big bath, the baby is not happy.

For such a sensitive baby, Mommy should not change bathtub easily. If there is a real need, a similar one should be replaced. Maybe he was afraid of the deep water in that big bath. You can try to change a small bathtub, or use a larger one instead. The baby will feel more secure in shallow water if it is filled in shallow water.

Do you like listening to music? When the baby takes a bath, you may as well try playing music to see if the baby will become quieter. Music can soothe the brain and nerves. You can choose some soft and soothing music, lively children’s songs, or usually play music for your baby, to help your baby relax his tense mood.

Mom, have you mastered the bathing skills? In fact, bathing the baby is not as difficult as you think, on the contrary, it is a very happy thing. As long as safety measures are taken, wash and dry to prevent cold. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.