Illness is inevitable. Mothers don’t need to worry. As long as they are more careful with their children and do early detection and treatment of diseases, their children won’t suffer too much and their mothers won’t worry too much. In the early stages of some diseases, the body changes. If a child has signs of a disease, he should go to a doctor early rather than trust the advertisements of nutrition or health care products. So what are the general nursing practices for pediatric common diseases? Let’s introduce them in the following.

Nursing routine of common pediatric diseases

Keep the air fresh, sufficient light, appropriate temperature and humidity, disinfect the air once a week;

Follow the doctor’s advice to carry out grade nursing and diet, and pay attention to food hygiene;

Keep the children’s skin and mouth clean and the bed unit clean, trim the nails;

Closely observe the changes of children’s condition;

Psychological nursing and health education should be done well;

Keep the environment quiet, reduce the stimulation, and carry out all examination, treatment and nursing intensively;

Keep respiratory tract unobstructed.

The child lies on his back with his head on one side and his collar untied to avoid suffocation or aspiration pneumonia;

Give children a high calorie liquid or semi liquid diet. If they can’t eat, give them nasal feeding or intravenous nutrition;

Those who are given oxygen inhalation, suffocation or suffocation according to the doctor’s instructions shall be given artificial respiration and sputum aspiration immediately;

According to the doctor’s advice, the anticonvulsant drugs were used to observe the drug reaction closely;

Patients with high fever should be given cooling treatment immediately to prevent convulsion;

The type, time and frequency of convulsion were observed to prevent the tongue from biting and falling into bed.

In case of abnormal changes, report to the doctor in time; reduce intracranial hypertension.

Dehydration therapy should be given to the children with conscious disorder, repeated vomiting, continuous convulsion, high blood pressure and irregular breathing.

When using dehydrating agent, input according to requirements and speed to prevent extravasation.

The above is the content of the routine nursing of pediatric common diseases introduced by the safety editor. There are a lot of knowledge about children’s safety in the network’s children’s safety education knowledge base. Interested friends can continue to pay attention to the content of the network, so as to make children grow up healthily.