The umbilical cord is an important hub between the mother and the baby. When the baby is in the mother’s stomach, all the nutrition needed is supplied through the umbilical cord. It is a material channel for communication between the mother and the baby. Doctors cut the umbilical cord when the baby is born. Many parents don’t know the precautions about baby’s navel care. Now let’s learn about the precautions for baby’s navel care?

Parents should pay attention to the following points when nursing the baby’s navel:

1. In terms of the frequency and times of nursing, the basic marketing is to start nursing once after the baby bathes. But if the baby’s navel appears wet or inflamed, the parents should start to increase the number of times of care, 2-3 times a day is OK.

2. To prepare tools, of course, you must clean and disinfect the tools, and remember to clean and disinfect them after use. Also remember to clean your baby’s bathtub regularly. Don’t use it as a storage box for sundries or laundry. This is not right. Because the baby’s skin is very tender.

3. When the navel is soiled with urine or feces, you must also take care of the umbilical cord after cleaning.

The above is the content of the precautions for baby’s navel nursing. There are many knowledge about children’s safety in the network’s children’s safety education knowledge base. Interested friends can continue to pay attention to the content of the network, so as to make children grow up healthily.