When bathing the baby, we should also pay attention to safety issues. What are the safety issues that should be paid attention to when bathing the baby? There are many aspects, but many parents don’t pay attention to them. Let’s talk about the safety issues that should be paid attention to when bathing the baby!

Eight safety items in bath

1. Before bathing the baby, make sure to put cold water in the bath first, then add hot water to mix. Please use your elbow to “test” the temperature of the water.

2. If you put your baby in the bath, please note that the water should just come under the baby’s ears. When bathing, you can use your hands to gently splash water on your baby, but don’t let the water splash on his face or eyes. Your baby will be afraid.

3. After washing, when the baby is taken out of the bathtub or bathtub, his small body is very slippery. Put your hands under the baby’s armpit. Note: be sure to hold tightly, and then tightly wrap him with a large towel.

4. Never leave the bath for a moment due to answering the phone. It is very dangerous to leave the baby alone in the tub or bathtub. Do not go to the position where it is not easy to hold him with your hands, even for a second. It is easy for the baby to slip and have an accident.

5. Never let the baby stand in the bathtub by himself, even if he has stood stably and a rubber mat has been placed in the bathtub, please remember that this is also a “foul” action.

6. Even if your baby can sit stably, you should be ready to hold his small body with your hands at any time.

7. If you like to let your baby take a bath in the bathtub, make sure to place a rubber mat.

8. If you need to add water to your baby’s bath, do not directly heat the water in the tub or bathtub. The baby’s skin is very delicate and easy to be scalded. The right way is to mix cold water and hot water into warm water in a small basin, and then pour it into a bathtub or bathtub.

Through the above introduction, we have a good understanding of the safety issues that should be paid attention to in baby bathing. According to the above methods, we can not only make the baby safe when bathing, but also help the baby in all aspects of the body, but also pay attention to it. When taking care of the baby, parents should be patient. If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other home-based knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s personal health and safety common sense column.