For younger children, they will feel curious about everything, so they will like to touch the East and the West. So it’s easy to get an electric shock by accident. What are the symptoms of children’s electric shock and lightning stroke? Never take it lightly!

What are the early symptoms of electric shock and lightning stroke in children

The main clinical manifestation is the systemic reaction of local tissue electric burn and electric shock.

1. Children with systemic reactions are more likely to have electric shock in their hands.

(1) light: pale, weak, numb fingers, mild muscle spasm after electric shock, but easy to release hands from the power supply, dizziness, palpitation, nausea, shortness of breath, skin pain at the electric shock site in a short time, general clear mind.

(2) heavy duty: coma immediately after electric shock, shallow and fast breathing or pause, rapid respiratory paralysis, blood pressure drop, arrhythmia, tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation, adverse resuscitation, and eventually respiratory and cardiac arrest. Most of the children can be rescued in time.

2. Local tissue damage & nbsp;

After electric shock, the local skin is severely burned. The current flows out of the body to form a current inlet and more than one current outlet, which is a special manifestation of electric injury. In general, the scope of skin burn at the entrance is not large, but it is serious. The scope of burn at the exit is large and the degree of burn is light. The skin burn is mostly oval black charcoal and burnt paste. The dry split injury of the epidermis can reach all tissues in the lower layer of the skin, including skeleton, brain, internal organs, spinal cord and other major organs. The pain is slight, and the progressive tissue necrosis changes usually occur within 1-2 weeks after the injury Therefore, it is difficult to make an accurate diagnosis in the early stage of burn only based on the epidermis burn. With the necrosis of tissue, serious infection may occur, especially the anaerobic infection. If gas gangrene occurs, the infected limb needs to be amputated, and if the large blood vessel is injured, it may cause fatal bleeding due to sudden rupture.

Children with electric arc or spark burn can cause large area skin burn due to clothing burning, and the extent and degree of deep tissue damage are slightly smaller than that of electric shock. Some research results show that the electric current in the body of children with electric arc burn increases to a certain extent, so it is considered that there is also a certain amount of electric current passing through the body.

After electric shock, children with burn may suffer from fracture and dislocation due to strong muscle contraction.

In the case of electric burn of extremities, due to the high edema of muscle tissue and the increase of local pressure under the deep fascia of the affected limb, the syndrome of fascial cavity is often complicated, which further affects the blood supply of the affected limb, aggravates the tissue damage and leads to limb necrosis if not treated in time.

According to the history and clinical manifestations, it can be diagnosed. Laboratory and auxiliary examinations help to understand the condition and complications.

     Prevention of children at home to prevent electric shock is the most important, usually to teach children not to play with electrical appliances, especially do not wet hands touch power, electrical appliances and so on. It is safer to use cable switches in the house. Regularly check whether the electrical equipment and leakage switch are normal. Wire breakage should not be approached and should be repaired in time. Avoid taking shelter under big trees during thunderstorms.