Compared with other ordinary furniture, children’s furniture is mainly aimed at the consumer groups – children aged 0-12 years old have great differences with adults in use habits, physical conditions, etc., so the choice of children’s furniture products needs to be particularly cautious. Generally speaking, when parents purchase children’s furniture, they mainly pay attention to some elements. What are the “triple personalities” of children’s furniture? Do you know?

“Member spectrum” of children’s furniture

Bed: it’s better to choose a bed that can adjust the height and length, so that it can grow with the baby all the time.

Diaper table: it’s the “main battlefield” for changing diapers for babies. The height is suitable for mummy’s waist. It’s better to move and have drawers (so as to store diapers, clothes to be changed for babies, etc.). There should be a long and narrow ridge around the cabinet of the diaper table to prevent the pad from slipping when changing diapers and clothes for the baby.

Shelf used with diaper table: this kind of shelf is generally attached to the wall and placed with some handy items such as baby talcum powder. The shelf should not be more than one arm away from the diaper table, so as to ensure that it is convenient for mommy to take things, so as to avoid leaving the baby unattended on the diaper table.

Closet: the drawer type closet is more convenient and practical than the closet, because the baby’s clothes are mainly folded and stored, and there is less to hang, so using the drawer type closet can save space.

Cupboard: place daily necessities such as medicine box, thermometer, ice bag, etc. and prepare an emergency phone watch for emergency use.

Big box: it’s better to be able to move. It’s used to hold the baby’s toys.

Bookshelf: used to store precious books.

Rocking chair: Mommy can sit on it and nurse baby or sleep baby.

Game table and chair: baby can play games or doodle comfortably on it, the height should be suitable.

Night lamp or dimmable table lamp: it is used for mommy to nurse baby at night or check baby’s sleeping condition.

“Triple character” of children’s furniture

1. Safety of children’s furniture

Physical safety: refers to whether the strength of the furniture meets the standard, whether the edges and corners of the furniture have been properly treated, and whether other designs have potential hazards to the baby. Because baby is naturally active, so the furniture must be safe and stable. If necessary, it can be fixed to prevent baby from overturning the furniture and getting hurt.

Chemical safety: refers to whether the material, glue, paint and process of furniture contain harmful chemicals, such as common harmful heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc.), benzene, phenol and free formaldehyde. Baby is still in the period of physical development, and its resistance to harmful substances is very weak. Therefore, the chemical safety of furniture is of great importance to baby’s physical development and life health.

2. Growth of children’s furniture

Baby grows very fast, so when buying children’s furniture, you should choose the furniture that can make baby use big furniture when he is young. Good children’s furniture should be rich in variety, easy to match, and take baby’s growth into full consideration in design.

3. Interest of children’s furniture

Buying children’s furniture will make baby have a happy activity space and effectively promote baby’s growth.

This is the triple character that Xiaobian introduced to you when choosing children’s furniture, including the safety, growth and interest of children’s furniture. I believe that when you buy children’s furniture, if you pay attention to these three characteristics, you can buy children’s furniture that really suits your children. If you have any questions about how to prevent children from bumping at home and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s anti furniture bumping safety common sense column.