Because some families are busy making a living, they give their children to the “electronic nanny”. The children can hold their cell phones and face the TV quietly for an afternoon. But when a child’s vision is blurred, he doesn’t know what to do. Next, the editor will teach your child how to treat TV eye.

When you look up, you suddenly find a blur in the distance. Do you have this feeling?

Staring at a pair of bloodshot eyes, holding the remote control all day long, the color outside the window is boiled white and black, black and white, and then a beautiful sleep, which may be a leisure way for many teenagers. But for a long time, you will get the festival disease of “TV eye”, which is prone to eye pain, blurred vision, dry corner of the eye and other symptoms. Today a few minutes to introduce several ways to deal with “TV eye” to alleviate visual fatigue.

When exhaling, quickly open and close your eyes, and slowly exhale the air.

As you inhale, look at the tip of your nose and see both sides of it. When you exhale, relax your eyes and return to normal. Look at a distant object and slowly exhale the air.

Close your eyes and place your thumb on your temple. Use the finger abdomen between the first and second joints of the index finger to smoothly touch and press the upper edge and the lower edge of the eye socket from the nose to the temple.

Close your eyes and relax. Sit about 15cm away from the lamp. The best bulb is 150W. Gently swing your head from side to side. Bathe your eyes in warm light.

First cover the closed eyes with a hot towel for 30 seconds, then dip a long towel into ice water, cover the eyes, and repeat several times.

You know what?

According to the results of American ophthalmologists’ research, the vision can be reduced by 30% after watching TV for one hour continuously.

Therefore, the existence of television is an unchangeable fact. We cannot remove them from children’s lives or isolate them completely. Only with correct guidance can we ensure that children do not damage their eyesight. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!