With the temperature rising, all kinds of flowers are also blooming. Many parents like to take advantage of the spring flowers to take their children on a outing, which can not only make the children contact with nature, but also enhance the feelings of parents and children. But some children can’t enjoy the journey because they are allergic to pollen. Allergy is a high incidence disease in spring. Once it happens, it may cause dry itching, erythema, sneezing, asthma and other problems. What can be effectively prevented in spring?

Why is spring baby more easily allergic?

Families with allergic babies are especially nervous in spring. Why are babies more susceptible to allergies in spring? Li Zhen, director of pediatrics at Shanghai No.1 People’s Hospital, explained that there are two main reasons for baby allergies: one is physical factors, that is, the baby is allergic; the other is external environmental factors, that is, the baby is exposed to allergens.

In spring, when the weather gets warmer and the baby has more outdoor activities, their chances of contact with allergens are also greatly increased. In addition, spring is also the season of plant pollination. There are a lot of pollen and dust floating in the air. After baby inhales, it is very easy to cause allergy. Therefore, allergic babies are more likely to be allergic in spring.

Alert 4 kinds of common allergens for babies with allergic constitution

If you already know your baby’s allergic constitution, parents should pay attention to keeping your baby away from the following 4 common allergens in daily life.

1. Inhalation allergy: such as pollen, dust mite, dust, fungus, animal fur, feather, cold air, etc.

2. Food allergy: such as milk, eggs, seafood, etc. Milk allergy is more common in newborns, usually manifested as eczema, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea and even vomiting and other symptoms.

3. Contact allergy: such as cosmetics, paint, alcohol, ointment, etc.

4. Drug allergy: drug allergy is rare. Generally speaking, most of the allergies caused by drugs have fever. Once the drugs causing allergies are stopped, the body temperature will drop.

How to prevent baby allergy in spring?

How to prevent children’s allergy in spring? Director Li reminded that the following should be done to prevent children’s allergy in spring:

1. Keep the indoor environment clean

Clean the house frequently, and wipe it with a wet cloth to avoid dust flying; wash and disinfect baby’s articles and toys, especially plush toys; change baby’s sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases and other articles frequently.

2. Avoid contact with irritant substances

Babies should avoid touching substances such as perfume, paint and insecticide. Try to reduce going out and avoid contacting with dust, flowers, tree pollen and other allergic factors. If you have to go out, you’d better wear a mask; don’t let your baby go in and out of dusty places and play; don’t wash your skin with soap that is too alkaline; close fitting clothes should be loose and airy pure cotton clothes, and don’t wear wool or chemical fiber fabrics.

3. Pay attention to diet

For babies, it’s better to breast feed their babies, because breast feeding can greatly reduce the incidence of allergies. It’s suggested that breast-feeding should be continued for six months. Children with allergic constitution must gradually add a small amount of complementary food, and pay attention to observe whether the baby has eczema, diarrhea, constipation and other allergic symptoms.

For older babies, their diet should be light and nutritious. They should eat more fresh vegetables and foods rich in vitamin C. they should eat less milk, eggs, seafood and other foods that are prone to allergies. They should not eat or eat less greasy food, sweet food or sweet drinks. If they know that their babies are allergic to a certain food, they must stay away.

The above is what can be effectively prevented for your baby’s allergy in spring. There is a lot of knowledge about children’s safety in the network’s children’s safety education knowledge base. Interested friends can continue to pay attention to the content of the network, so as to make children grow healthily.