Every little friend is the heart and soul of his parents. Nothing is more important than the healthy growth of his children. Children spend at least 10 hours in the room every day. The safety and environmental protection factor has become the key to the design of children’s room. So, what is a children’s room? How to design children’s room?

Children’s room

It is very important to decorate children’s room scientifically and reasonably to cultivate children’s healthy growth, independent living ability and wisdom. Pay special attention to safety and matching principle in the design and color of children’s room.

Design principles

Children’s bedroom furniture should be placed stably and firmly. Fragile items such as glass should be placed out of children’s reach. Power sockets near the ground should be concealed to prevent electric shock.

The color of children’s room should be rich and colorful, lively and fresh, concise and bright, with fairy tale artistic conception, so that children can learn and live freely in their own small world. The furniture should be few and precise, and the interior space should be used reasonably and cleverly. It is better to be multifunctional and combined. Furniture should be placed as close to the wall as possible to expand the activity space. The desk should be arranged in a well lit place and the bed should be away from the window. Common toys and books are best placed on open shelves.

The height of the furniture should be suitable for children’s height and bright colors. If several pots of green leaves and flowers are placed in the room, and some paintings and hanging articles are hung on the wall that meet the children’s interests and hobbies, it will be more conducive to children’s physical and mental health.

Matching points

Home color: avoid dark and grotesque

Children’s room in the color and space with the best bright, relaxed, pleasant for the choice of direction, might as well point contrast color. With these to distinguish the best space effect of different functions, the transition color can generally be white.

Children’s suitable color and favorite color are related to their age. Different colors should be selected for children according to their age. Liang Yuezhu, director of Beijing Children’s mental health center of Anding Hospital, said that we should pay more attention to children’s growth, their mental health and cultivate their optimistic and upward character.

Generally speaking, 0-6-year-old children are called preschool children. They perceive the world intuitively through the stimulation of color, shape, voice and other senses. In their eyes, there is no popular color. As long as the pure color with large contrast, strong and bright color can arouse their strong interest, it can also help them understand their own world.

Children’s space is designed to be colorful, which is not only suitable for children’s naive psychology, but also full of hope and vitality with bright colors. For the weak and introverted children, it is advisable to use a strong contrast color to stimulate the development of nerves. For children who are too irascible, the color of light and elegant will help to shape a healthy mind.

When decorating the walls, do not use those ferocious and grotesque images and dark colors, because these ornaments will make young children have terrible associations.

Decoration scheme: safety protection

According to Qi Xiaoyong, the design of children’s room mainly considers five aspects: safety performance, material environmental protection, color matching, furniture selection and light.

Safety is one of the key points in the design of children’s room. In the design of room decoration, to avoid the occurrence of accidental injuries, it is suggested that large area of glass and mirrors should not be used indoors; edges and corners of furniture and handles should not be left with edges and sharp edges; there should be no stumbling debris on the ground; power supply is the other aspect of children’s room safety to be considered, to ensure that children’s fingers can not be inserted, and it is better to select sockets Cover the socket to eliminate some unsafe factors.

At the same time, children like to play on the ground, and the choice of the floor is particularly important. The best choice between children is the easy to clean laminate floor or the cork floor free from injury by falling, or the anti-bacterial floor free from pollution. The carpet between children should be cleaned frequently to avoid mite or bacteria pollution.

&The design of children’s room will not only affect children’s sleep, but also affect children’s character development more often. I hope you pay more attention. What kind of good knowledge about children’s protective fence is still in the process of updating, please continue to pay attention to this website