There are not only health and nutrition issues involved in feeding, but also safety issues. Good tableware selection is of great significance in the feeding process of children. Therefore, the choice of safe tableware is very important. What is a good baby tableware? It’s mainly about safety.

Texture of material

Baby tableware is mostly plastic tableware

Choose tableware for your baby, especially the material requirements. Ceramic tableware is easy to clean and not easy to scald, but its quality is heavy and easy to break; stainless steel tableware is easy to clean and has few chemical elements, but easy to scald and poor thermal insulation; wooden tableware is natural and soft in texture, but easy to breed bacteria and not easy to clean, and its surface paint composition is complex

At present, the tableware specially designed for babies on the market is mostly plastic tableware. Most of the cutlery is made of a plastic called polypropylene (PP). Gan Keling, manager of Nanning beiinmei mother and baby living museum, said that the plastic tableware made of polypropylene can bear a temperature range of – 20 ~ 120 ℃, which is not easy to age in the daily use and disinfection of babies, and it is also very safe to use in this temperature range.

Why are baby’s special tableware made of plastic, and it’s hard to find the trace of tableware made of other materials? Plastic tableware is light, not easy to break, and not afraid of scalding children’s hands. It is very convenient for children to use when they eat. Meanwhile, polypropylene has good heat resistance and relatively safe material. Therefore, the tableware produced by domestic and international famous mother and child products stores are basically plastic tableware.

There are also a lot of things about spoons designed for babies. The handle is mostly made of polypropylene, while the head is made of silica gel. Xiaozhou, a clerk in Nanning baby care products store, told reporters that the tableware made of silica gel is relatively soft compared with the tableware made of polypropylene, which is not easy to hurt the baby’s delicate mouth, and silica gel is tasteless and odorless compared with rubber, and its texture is harder than rubber, which is bite resistant, and it can also take soup or paste. However, Xiao Zhou reminded that the spoon with silica gel spoon head is generally suitable for babies aged 0-1, because there are more solid supplementary foods added for babies aged 1, and the spoon made of silica gel can not undertake too heavy solid food.


Round shape to avoid baby bruise

In Nanning, there are many kinds of tableware for children: bowls are round, elliptical, polygonal, gourd shaped, etc.; while spoons are not only the traditional straight-line style, but also the “L” type. This kind of spoon is convenient for parents to feed their children without turning their elbows too much, so that they can put the rice to their children’s mouths.

Choose bowls and utensils for your baby. It’s better to choose bowls and utensils with round shape, because the round utensils are more practical and not easy for your baby to be hurt by the edges and corners of the utensils. The round utensils can also avoid leakage when your baby drinks soup. When choosing bowl utensils, we should also pay attention to whether the handle design of the bowl is easy for the baby to hold, and the tableware easy to hold can arouse the baby’s interest in eating.

To choose a spoon for your baby, you should pay attention to whether the design of the spoon handle is scientific, whether it is suitable for your baby’s hand shape, and whether the radian is easy for your baby to hold. At the same time, we should choose a spoon with a thick spoon head. The baby eats with a spoon with a thick spoon head, and his mouth is not easy to be cut.


Rich color, pay attention to brand selection

In order to let the baby have more appetite, many baby special tableware are painted with lovely cartoon patterns. Some of these cartoon patterns are on the outside of the tableware, some are in the middle of the tableware. Will the color of some patterns on the tableware fall off? Does color dissolve when a food is loaded? These are all the problems that mothers care about when choosing baby tableware. Therefore, many mothers will choose only the tableware with patterns engraved on the outside.

It is very important to choose tableware for the baby and recognize the well-known brand of mother and baby. Generally speaking, well-known brands are strictly tested by the national testing department, and many cutlery with cartoon designs are mostly single and light in color, and the color used will not affect the health of children.


Choose tableware according to the required function

Baby special tableware also has all the functions. The bowl with suction cup on the base is very suitable for babies who are just learning to eat. The suction cup on the base of the bowl can be adsorbed on the desktop, so as to avoid the bowl moving and being easily knocked over by the baby. The grinding bowl is in the shape of gourd, and the left and right small bowls are connected. The bottom of one small bowl is designed to be toothed, which can grind the food and is convenient for use when going out.

The temperature sensitive spoon can let the mother monitor the temperature of the food on the spoon. When the temperature exceeds 40 ℃, the spoon will change color to prevent the careless mother from scalding the baby.

A good set of tableware can improve the baby’s interest in eating and help the baby grow up healthily; a set of healthy tableware can make the mother feel at ease. If you want to know more about how to disinfect children’s tableware, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you