Every child is a treasure in the hand of parents. They want to give their children a good living environment and learning environment. But a good living environment, the indispensable part is a spacious and comfortable room. How to give their children a beautiful and comfortable room?

Choose children’s paint, pave cork floor, prepare graffiti wallpaper

Children’s paint: beautiful and healthy

What is the children’s room painted? Children’s paint is the healthiest! Now when I turn on the TV and the newspaper, there are complaints about the pollution of the decoration of the living room everywhere. There are many complaints about the wall paint, which can’t help bothering the parents. What should I paint on the wall of the children’s room?

In the home building materials market, the reporter found that some manufacturers have launched a special paint for children. Compared with common wall paint, “children’s paint” is more suitable for children’s room decoration. There are four characteristics of children’s special paint: first, it does not contain heavy metals; second, it is all prepared with clear water; third, the organic volatile content of children’s special latex paint & lt; 1g / L, tends to zero; fourth, the paint surface is smooth and rich in color.

Cork floor: it’s warm to climb

A lot of babies like to have close contact with the ground. They are tired of being on the ground all day long. At this time, what parents should do is not preach and scold, but to buy wood flooring.

The best choice for children’s room is to use the laminate floor which is easy to clean or the cork floor which can prevent children from falling and being injured, or the antibacterial floor which can avoid contact with pollution. However, for families with small children, cork floor is the best choice, because the hard floor materials will make children everywhere uncomfortable, and cork floor has a warm touch. Do not have uneven patterns on the floor, it is easy to hide bacteria.

It should be reminded that children’s room is better not to lay ceramic tiles, which may contain a radioactive substance called radon, which will cause great damage to the child’s respiratory system and nervous system. Due to the relatively high density of radon, it is usually suspended below one meter from the ground indoors, and the lower the concentration of radon, the greater the concentration. Children’s houses should not be paved with floor jigsaw for foam products. It will release a large amount of volatile organic compounds and affect children’s health.

Graffiti Wallpaper: zero distance from childhood

The bright wallpaper has not been pasted for two days, leaving the child’s imprint: dirty fingerprints, zigzag color lines – and the children’s room, as an independent and free space for children, is the place where the “disaster” is serious. Fortunately, with the improvement of production technology of building materials, graffiti wallpaper was born.

It is understood that good wallpapers for children’s rooms are mostly paper-based wallpapers, also known as composite wallpapers, which are produced by printing, embossing, coating and other processes after the surface paper and bottom paper are glued and pressed together. Its structure is generally three layers, the bottom layer is paper base, the paper base is a material layer composed of paper, fiber (woven fabric) and polyethylene film, and the last layer is a decorative layer coated with inorganic materials. This decorative layer not only has excellent fireproof performance, but also makes the wallpaper easy to clean and tidy. It is dirty. You only need to wipe it gently with a wet cloth, you can clean it, so it is easy to clean.

It is suggested that children with different personalities should also choose appropriate colors in order to promote the healthy development of children’s intelligence, body and mind at home. What kind of good knowledge about children’s protective fence is still in the process of updating, please continue to pay attention to this website!