When it comes to learning music, almost every “zither boy”‘s mother is full of bitterness. In fact, how to choose musical instruments and how to teach children how to learn music still has a knack. Let’s listen to the experience of Baibai safety net, how to say it! Don’t forget to tell me what you think!

Which one should I learn first, violin, electronic piano or piano

Some parents will choose to learn a different instrument for their children before they learn the piano, and many choose the electronic instrument. Many parents think that the electronic piano is similar to the piano, but the price is much cheaper. When the child is not sure whether he can learn it, let him learn it as an introduction. This is a mistake of parents. In fact, piano is the foundation of all musical instruments. In foreign countries, even the students of professional conservatory who learn other musical instruments, piano is a compulsory course. The advantages of learning piano should be well referred by parents.

I’m sure to let children learn an instrument. As the saying goes, if a daughter wants to be rich, what can cultivate her temperament better than learning art? However, I have to carefully consider what instrument to learn. Neither of us has learned any instrument, only to see what is more popular and what to learn. In any case, it’s the three major pieces, the violin, the electronic piano and the piano. I think they’re all good, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Folk musical instruments are also good, but we hope she can learn more internationally.

Our family took part in the discussion of these three kinds of electronic organ. Our child likes electronic organ best. We first enrolled a class for her to try and learn several lessons. We started very quickly. There was a model after a few days of learning. Grandpa said, it sounds like you can play on stage! Of course, it’s exaggeration. However, a short piece of music can be tuned. I think the advantage of electronic piano is that it has rich functions and children have a sense of achievement.

However, I have only heard of piano masters, but I have never heard of electronic piano masters. This instrument is still used as an introduction. When you learn it, you can put it down. It’s the right to cultivate your children to play typhoon.

We think the violin is also very good. In classical music, the violin is also very valued. The piano is relatively small. The kindergarten has the most people who sign up to learn this instrument. Moreover, the price is not expensive. It doesn’t occupy a place at home. It’s convenient to carry it to class. However, the child tried and didn’t like it very much, because she said it hurt a little when the violin was put on her neck.

Of course, I think piano is the most important thing to learn. It is the king of musical instruments. Moreover, piano schools are the most comprehensive, and the most popular classical musicians are also home to piano. We don’t expect our children to become famous, but at least they will have a broad future.

So these advantages and disadvantages come and go. The whole family held a meeting again and discussed for half a month without a result. If they want to consult the teacher, which one should be the best for the children?

I don’t agree with learning electronic organ first. It’s mainly a matter of touching keys. Although it can help children recognize music score, the touch key of electronic organ is not deep and the sound is not soft. After playing electronic organ for several years, children still can’t develop any power to control keyboard. Some electronic instruments have double row keys, some can imitate the sound of various instruments, it’s just a kind of entertainment, that’s all!

The piano is easy to play. It has a intonation. When I first played the violin, I talked a little too much, especially like killing chickens! The position of playing the violin is the most uncomfortable and unnatural for children. But the piano is different, as long as the children relax, sit correctly, the hand shape is naturally correct. I studied violin at the age of 3 and asked to learn piano at the age of 4. At that time, I didn’t understand the position of piano in the instrument. I just wanted to sit down and play. The posture of violin was too tired. I was very short at that time. When I sat playing the violin, it would slide down. Moreover, there will be a red mark on the neck. It will also itch and hurt. Some children think it’s too hard to practice this.

But there is a very interesting situation, but also a difference between Chinese and foreign education: there are more children learning string instruments abroad than in China. Every school has a string band. Students feel that the string band is a collective team, in which they can have a sense of belonging. But the piano is a solo instrument, which is single and boring. But I have asked many Chinese parents, and their answers are often the opposite of those from abroad. Their representative opinions are: we don’t want children to be a member of the group, we need them to be better than others, we just want to choose a single instrument to highlight the difference of children.

I don’t want to challenge these parents’ ideas here. I just want to remind you: don’t forget that your child will be a “social” person in the future. It’s impossible to accomplish everything independently, and everything is more outstanding than others.

A lot of people say that learning piano can make children smarter. I agree with this point. I think I’m not stupid. )Because playing the piano, watching the bass clef and the treble clef, left hand and right hand, a little deeper, and pedals. At the same time of practicing piano, children’s hands, eyes, brain and ears are all trained, which certainly develops intelligence at the same time.

In short, learning piano should be the first choice for every child who wants to learn music, not absolutely. With a certain foundation of keyboard, if a child wants to change his career in other musical instruments in the future, even composition theory will be of great help to his development.

From this point of view, what kind of piano is good for children from primary school? Parents should measure the advantages and disadvantages to choose! Of course, you can also choose according to your child’s interests and hobbies, but no matter what kind of piano you learn, you should let your child stick to it, not give up halfway. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!