Now children can be familiar with the operation of electronic products. Children who are learning to walk but have not yet mastered walking seem to have been born to know how to start applications and play games on mobile phones or computers, and even their own “baby Electronics” products. So, what about baby falling in love with computers? Four “intimate” suggestions for you!

Best advice: divert your attention in time

Little mum: when my baby is arguing about playing with the computer, I will not reason with him first, because the more he talks about it, the more he focuses on it, so I will directly take out other toys, or simply take him out to play, and he will be happy again soon. I think the reason why the baby always plays with the computer is that he regards the computer as a toy. If we take out the toys that other babies are also interested in, he won’t talk about it any more.

Most worry free advice: make rules for baby

Yuanyuan’s mother: I think it must be managed. I can’t get used to it. To make rules for him, like to play computer can, but not unrestrained play, to explain how long can only play. If he makes trouble, please appease him first, let him play for a few minutes, then he can’t play any more. It’s better to tell him that there are many interesting things waiting for you to finish with him.

The most careful advice: parents should not use computers in front of their babies

Didi’s mother: my didi is in the same situation. Don’t let me cry if I don’t play! Especially when the computer is on at home, it is almost impossible not to let him play. So I don’t want to open the computer with my baby. I really need to work overtime, and I will waste my baby sleeping.

Best advice: prepare another special “computer” for baby

Ruihong’s mother: my baby is also curious about computers. If his father and I don’t play for him, he won’t give up. But we finally came up with a good way to teach and have fun. We bought a small learning machine for him, which is a bit like a computer. We told him that this is the computer used by the baby himself. We each have one. We use it by ourselves. Since then, when adults use computers, he will move out of his learning machine in a decent way and knock on it constantly. In fact, this is also very good, so that he has the opportunity to learn.

Pig Mom: my baby used to like to play computer for a while, thinking only about computers in the daytime and at night. I help my baby to play less with computers by personifying them.

When the baby wants to watch, if it’s in the evening or early in the morning, I will tell the baby, “it’s still dark, the computer is still sleeping, wait for the computer to wake up, and then watch it?” If it’s time to eat, say, “the computer has gone to eat, let’s go to eat!” If it’s another time, I’ll say, “the computer is out to play, let’s go, and play together when the computer comes back.”

It’s time to set a time for your baby to have less interest but still want to play. For example, before playing, say yes to the baby. You can only watch it once. After watching it, the baby won’t play for him again, but gives him other toys. In this way, slowly, baby will know to do things in moderation.

The above are the four tips that Xiaobian gives you. If you have better methods, you can try them, as long as they are for the healthy growth of your children. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.