Washing our hair and face is the “horror memory” of many of our parents when they were young. Now when we are fathers and mothers, we find that washing our hair and face is also a big problem for our children: as soon as we bathe or wash our children’s faces, they cry heartbreaking! What should I pay attention to when I wash my baby’s face?

Three points for baby’s face washing

Choose soft and smooth cotton towels for your baby.

Never use towels that adults use. Baby’s skin is very delicate, capillaries are very rich, with rough towels to wash the baby’s face, it is easy to damage the skin. Lead to rough skin, but also easy to cause bacterial infection.

② let the baby use a special washbasin, do not mix it with adults.

This is because the basin used by adults often has many bacteria, and the baby’s resistance is poor. If you use it to wash the baby’s face, it is easy to infect the baby with some diseases. Go in together. Wash your face every day and keep it clean.

③ don’t wash your baby’s face with alkaline soap.

The soap used by adults is often more alkaline. If you use this soap to wash your baby’s face, it will easily cause the baby’s delicate face to be alkaline stimulated, resulting in facial damage or roughness. You should use a special children’s soap to wash your baby’s face.

&There is a popular saying that washing baby’s face with breast milk will make baby’s skin white and tender. However, this is not scientific, because breast milk will accelerate the growth of bacteria on the baby’s skin, causing the baby’s skin to produce a flush or small abscess. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website