There are many times of defecation and defecation for the baby just after birth. The little butt is often soaked red, and some babies will spit milk after drinking, or the mother’s milk is too much. When feeding the baby, it will suddenly spray on the baby’s face or body. Therefore, it is very important to bathe the baby regularly. So, did parents pay attention to the precautions mentioned below? Come and have a look.

Survey: how many baths does the baby take a day?

Xiaobian did a simple survey on this issue. According to the mothers’ reflection, usually 1-3 times are more common.

@Cool wind: my Beibei is hard to sweat. Usually I will give him a bath in the morning and afternoon, and another one before going to bed. When he is comfortable and more energetic, he won’t make trouble all the time.

@Yi’s sweetheart baby: my baby is very sweaty with her father. Even if she sits still, she can sweat, let alone move. The sweat is like a waterfall. She needs to take at least two baths every day.

@I’m a little ball: I don’t wear much in summer, and I like playing on the ground. After playing, it’s usually dirty. I can’t stand to take him to the bathroom for a bath. Soon after the bath, the guy didn’t know where to play. He was dirty again. It’s like this every day, dirty and dirty!

What should mothers pay attention to when babies wash more in one day in summer

In summer, mothers will help their babies to take more baths. Bathing is a comfortable thing for babies, but some precautions can’t be ignored. Here are a few key points for mothers to remember!

1. Pay attention to the amount of cleaning products

Take a bath for your baby. You can’t help using shampoo and bath gel. But if you take a bath many times a day, don’t use them every time. Frequent use of cleaning products will wash off the skin grease, reduce the protection of the skin, but it is easy to cause skin problems because it is too dry.

It is recommended to use it once a day or once every other day, because there are not too many stains in the body due to taking a bath for many times. Taking a bath is just to wash away the sweat on the body, and the water can achieve the goal.

2. Dry the body

Children who can walk are usually very active. Sometimes they run out of the bathroom naked before they are dressed. When the air conditioner is on at home, the child comes out of the bathroom and enters the low-temperature air-conditioned room. The moisture on the body will make the child feel extremely cold, and he is a little bit ill.

So remind mothers to quickly dry their children’s water after bathing, especially wet hair. Dress the child before entering the air-conditioned room.

3. Do not take a bath before going to bed after meal

Taking a bath several times a day will inevitably meet the time of eating and sleeping. It is suggested that mothers adjust their bath time as much as possible to avoid after a full meal and before going to bed. If there is a conflict of time, you can choose to give up bathing and wipe yourself with a wet towel.

&These are the precautions for baby bathing in summer introduced by Xiaobian. Although it’s troublesome, it’s worth learning! If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search