A lot of children like watching TV. It seems that they can’t finish watching TV. They don’t care when their parents call them. They are in a hurry to turn off the TV. I believe many parents feel headache for this. What should parents do when their children are TV fans?

The harm of TV

A team led by Professor Jeffrey Johnson, a psychiatrist who studies behavioral patterns at Columbia University in the United States, completed a 17 year long research project: detailed statistics on the time subjects spent watching TV. Its research results, published in the American journal Science, can be said to be the most persuasive research report so far. The study found that adolescents who spend more than an hour a day watching TV are twice as likely to develop violent tendencies as adults.

Jeffrey’s team followed 707 children, mostly white. At the beginning of the study, the subjects were only 1-10 years old. For 17 years, these children have been subjected to various tests and surveys.

Through long-term follow-up survey and detailed statistics, the researchers found that if the average time of watching TV is less than 1 hour per day for children aged 14 or so, when they grow to 16 years old, 5.7% of them have extreme behavior; the average time of watching TV is 1-3 hours per day, up to 28.8%.

The researchers also counted boys and girls with an average age of about 14. For boys, only 8.9% of the people who watch TV for no more than one hour a day on average will have extreme behavior when they grow up; 32.5% of the people who watch TV for 1-3 hours a day will have extreme behavior when they grow up; and 45.2% of the people who watch TV for more than three hours a day will have extreme behavior. For girls, 2.3%, 11.8% and 12.7% of them had excessive behaviors.

In addition, children with problems in childhood such as neglect, low family income, parents’ divorce are more likely to use television to eliminate their troubles than normal children. So they watch TV longer.

Jeffrey points out that 60% of TV shows are violent. According to the statistics of the American Psychological Association, there are 3-5 violent scenes in the average hourly TV program in the United States, which have different effects on men and women, especially on the adolescent.

Researchers believe that children will gradually feel numb and accustomed to seeing a lot of violence on TV for a long time. It is not only the violent content of TV that will make teenagers have violent tendency, but also the long-term addiction to TV will affect children’s communication ability, so that when they have conflicts with other people, they can’t properly deal with them. They don’t know what else to do but fight. Although the content of TV programs in China is different from that in the United States, parents should try to limit their children’s watching time to less than one hour every day, and at the same time, they should intervene in the content of children’s watching TV.

The principle that parents should adhere to is: allow to see, have choice, have abstinence, had better give initiative to the child. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.