The application of electronic screen has involved in all aspects of our life, the application of mobile phones, the use of tablet computers, so that the society accelerates the foot into the electronic era. On buses and subways, we can see everyone doing “bow head”, some playing games, some watching videos. Slowly, many babies also joined the “bow head group”, the world of electronic screen dazzled them. So, what should parents do when children become “electronic families”?

Whose fault is it that baby becomes “electronic family”?

Whether it’s from the news or the stories around us, we have found that children who are addicted to electronic products tend to have a sharp decline in their interest in other things. Some children even only recognize smart phones or iPads and play games with children. They are not interested in playing outdoors. They are not interested in building blocks. They are not interested in reading As long as everything is away from the smartphone or iPad, children will be uninterested and even fall into a state of free thinking.

I’ve also seen extreme examples of children’s obsession with the iPad: every morning, going to kindergarten becomes a “battle” between parents and children, with only one condition for a child – unless the parents agree that he will take the iPad to the kindergarten. Parents are really confused about their children, so they have to give it to kindergarten teachers. As a result, the child’s electronic complex was temporarily “controlled” by the teacher in the kindergarten. Although he finally obeyed the teacher under pressure, he was also guilty of “kindergarten phobia”, which was not worth the loss.

Whose fault is it that children become “electronic family”? Of course, it’s not the children’s fault, nor the smartphone or iPad. It’s the parents who need to reflect. When we see small children can play with mobile phones and iPads, has there ever been a trace of satisfaction on our faces? When children are stabilized by electronic products, leaving us a free time, is there a secret feeling of self congratulation? When children get some gains from electronic products (such as learning a few nursery rhymes), it even makes us happy, and finds the most convincing reason for us to give our children to this omnipotent “nanny”. Yes, everything seems so beautiful. However, when children are obsessed with “electronic nanny”, many problems appear in front of us one by one. At this time, it’s not so easy to brake urgently.

Past life and present life of “no way”

When we realize the seriousness of the problem, we often attribute the responsibility to the child’s “disobedience”. Therefore, all the methods we can think of, such as reasoning, harsh and even corporal punishment, are used, but they are useless. In a word, we have no way. The result of “no way” is that the parents ask for it and the children obsessed with it. There is no intersection between them. You know, 21 days in theory is enough for a child to develop a habit. As the saying goes, “habit becomes nature.”. The natural response is often deep into the bone marrow, dominated by the “subconscious mind”. Once taken over by the “subconscious”, it is deeply rooted and hard to control. Therefore, it is not so easy to get rid of a habit of children.

When we have no way, we will fall into the situation of “fighting between heaven and man”. On the one hand, there is nothing we can do; on the other hand, we are unwilling to do anything to change this situation. And how can a child be so smart and have the instinct to point to the people’s heart? How can he not know his parents’ situation, and how can he easily obey them? As a result, when the temper comes, we have nothing to do with it. Children have to obey us because of fear. Although we have stopped the children for a while, we regret and reflect on them as soon as we lose our temper. Is it too much to deal with the problems like that and make the children so sad? Out of compensation, our demands on our children will be temporarily relaxed. What do we bring to our children when we deal with inconsistencies? It’s confusion, fear. Because of confusion and fear, children will rely more on their “nanny” to seek comfort and happiness from it and obtain a temporary sense of security. After several battles, the child is even wiser to find that as long as he fights, he can achieve what he wants. On the contrary, children’s behaviors are negatively strengthened due to the inconsistency of our requirements, and we will become more powerless.

“Electronic stunt” must be used?

Considering the many problems brought about by “electronic nanny”, although “electronic stunt” is easy to use, it is still not. Some parents may argue innocently: “no way, no way! None of the other moves worked. ” It must be pointed out very unkindly that this is only an excuse, an excuse for laziness and an excuse for inaction.

Or maybe some parents will argue: “my original intention is very good! I just want him to learn something from it, but I didn’t expect it to turn out like this in the end! ” There is no denying that this may be a reason. In fact, there are a lot of fun and intelligent software that can bring a lot to children. But what I want to say is that raising children is always a process of taking the lesser of the two evils. Instead of making children obsessed with electronic products, which brings many problems (such as affecting the process of children’s socialization, even leading children to shrink in the virtual world and refuse to grow up; affecting the development of children’s language, which may seriously lead to children’s pseudoautism), it is better to give up it and give children a more pure world.

It’s not to say that children can’t be exposed to these products, but there’s a premise to access – we need to be able to control the situation, not let the infatuation of children dominate the situation. If we are sure that we can put them in and out freely, it’s OK to let children play occasionally. But we need to know that it’s not so easy to put it in and out freely.

Recruit and attack, keep the baby away from the electronic nanny

Once children have become obsessed with electronic products, and thus bring some problems, they have to work hard to solve the problem. Keeping children away from the “electronic nanny” may not be effective, but may also bring more negative effects. Therefore, it is very important to deal with this problem intelligently. We can try the following ways:

● develop and distract children’s interested video games

For example, if children are obsessed with angry birds, we can focus on the theme of the game and expand the games related to it. For example, it can be transformed into a manual activity to make “angry birds”; it can be transformed into a painting game to draw an “angry birds” and its home, or everything related to it; it can be transformed into an outdoor adventure game to find the trace of “angry birds”

● move the game to real life

For example, prepare building blocks, bottles, cans, abandoned boxes, etc., build various buildings, let the child become the “angry bird” to destroy. After that, it will transition to the game of construction, deconstruction and integration, and even some interesting and scientific exploration games, so as to fully arouse the curiosity of the child, and let him gradually change direction because he experiences the fun of the game.

● arrange more interesting parent-child games to let children experience the fun

The purpose of this practice is to replace the old habit with the new one. In fact, children are very easy to satisfy. Parent-child games may not be very complicated. As long as children like the seemingly “silly” games, they will also enjoy themselves.

Baibai safety net reminds you that when children ask to play more or when they shouldn’t, we need to firmly implement the agreement of using electronic products to correct them. Constantly criticizing and criticizing will make children more unhappy and rebellious, so we should try our best to avoid it. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.