In a dual worker family, when the parents come home, they see their children lying on the sofa watching TV; if the parents are not working, they can see their children watching TV in various positions all day, which has reached the level of infatuation. What should parents do when their children cry and make a scene without watching TV?

In fact, many children like to watch TV, a large part of the reason is that their parents are also TV people. Because some parents want to avoid competing with their children for TV channels, some families have more than one TV. Once children develop the habit of watching TV, it’s very difficult for them to get rid of TV addiction.

Some parents still like to be in the state of TV on. Even if they don’t watch it, the first thing they do when they go home is to turn on the TV. While they turn on the TV, they do other housework or work. At the same time, they let the TV sound serve as the background. Therefore, they let their children develop such a habit. In such a situation, how should parents improve?

How should parents improve?

We can carry out more activities to help children shift their dependence on TV, such as taking children out for outings and letting them contact nature at zero distance, which is a good way to cultivate their observation and thinking ability. The feeling of being in the real world is different from the feeling children see on the screen, and the idea of memory will also be different. No matter how beautiful the TV picture is, it only stimulates hearing and vision, but it can also develop other senses of children by contacting with nature, which is a good natural textbook.

Parents should also start from their own, turn off less TV, spend more time playing games and reading with their children, or let their children try to participate in housework, which are good education for their children. When you don’t have time to accompany your child, don’t just think about TV. You can give your child a few pieces of paper and a few pens to write, draw, or give him a puzzle, and ask him to finish it

If the child is still young and illiterate, you can also read and tell stories to the child, and swim in the ocean of books with the child. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t watch TV. As long as we choose good programs for our children and control the time, it’s OK. Treat TV as a teaching material for children’s learning, rather than just entertainment like ordinary adults. After watching TV, discuss the content of the program with children, and turn the behavior of watching TV into a kind of learning.

The influence of children’s TV addiction cannot be ignored. Parents can take correct methods to guide and pay attention to children’s mental health education. If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.