Children are the apple of their eye. As parents, they care about their children’s life and study. So, to give children a good living environment is a consideration for parents. So what should we pay attention to when using the light in children’s room?

Five points for attention in lighting of children’s room

1. Use the spotlight carefully

If the spotlight is not used well, it will cause mental tension in children. If you want to shine a spotlight on a wall work of Art (such as a picture frame), avoid dazzling highlights. Therefore, when lighting, it is necessary to shoot at the artwork from the side. The light comes from the side, and the dazzling bright spot will not directly reflect on the human eyes.

2. Select adjustable lamps

The best choice can adjust the light and shade, angle of the light, dark some of the night, increase the child’s sense of security, help the child fall asleep as soon as possible. Be sure to turn off the light when the child is asleep. Because children sleep under the light, their vision will be damaged, and the rate of myopia is much higher than that of children sleeping in the dark.

3. Do not enlarge the mirror inside the house, and the floor should not be too smooth

Although mirrors and smooth materials can improve the brightness of the room to a certain extent, strong reflection can damage children’s vision.

4. The lampshade should cover the bulb

The lampshade in the children’s room should be light colored, and it should be able to cover the bulb to avoid the children touching the bulb. On the one hand, the high heat of the bulb will burn the child; on the other hand, the grease on the child’s fingers will make the dust adsorb on the bulb surface, forming a thin weakness, reducing the bulb life, and even causing the bulb explosion. If the child touches the bulb occasionally, wipe it with alcohol as soon as possible.

5. The lamp cannot be installed at the head of the bed or above the bed

Although the lamp on the head of the bed can give more light to the bed, the child’s vision is very fragile and can’t bear the direct light. Moreover, the short-distance light magnetic radiation will have an adverse effect on children’s brain development. The safe design is to make sure the child can’t see the lamp head when lying on the pillow.

Warm tip: natural light is actually the most healthy and pleasant light. Children’s rooms should be well lit, sunny and ventilated. Open windows and curtains during the day to let sunlight in as much as possible. If you want to know more about what kind of children’s protective fence is, please lock the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!