We can’t live without lights, especially in winter, when it’s dark early, when it’s bright late, when it’s long and long, we can’t live without lights. In the current home decoration, the use of lights and the choice of lamps are considered by most people as the focus and highlight of decoration. However, what’s wrong with the lighting decoration of children’s room? Be careful!

Three misunderstandings of using up children’s room

When designing a child’s room, there is usually a lighting plan. However, if we only consider how to design beautiful, but ignore the reasonable lighting needs, it is equivalent to inviting pollution into the house.

1. The retina is damaged by too much light

The overall lighting level of children’s room is higher than that of adults’ room, because children need bright visual experience, which we all know. But this kind of brightness must be appropriate. If the light is too bright and dazzling, it will cause vision damage. Children who have been in this light source for a long time will suffer from different degrees of damage to their retina, which will affect their vision development and lay a hidden danger for early myopia. Children will also appear inattention, loss of appetite, depression and other performance.

2 too much light is disturbing

It is not a safe lighting design to install a large number of lights without focus in the room. Because long-term in such a light, children will feel restless, and even insomnia.

3. Too many colors cause color light pollution

If you like to decorate your child’s room with colorful lights, stop now! Because these seemingly beautiful lights have become a kind of color light pollution, which will make the child too excited to fall asleep at night. And it will interfere with the brain central nervous system of children and affect their mental health.

The above is a small edition of the children’s room decoration lighting design errors, mothers should pay attention to avoid these errors yo! If you want to know more about what kind of good information about children’s protective fence, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!