It is a bad eating habit for babies to watch TV while eating, which is neither scientific nor hygienic. Although it’s hard for babies of this age to focus for a long time, if they eat every meal like this, their appetite will be greatly reduced while watching TV.

Eating while watching TV affects appetite

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have shown that television can reduce children’s appetite.

The researchers assert that if 3-5-year-old preschoolers eat while watching TV, they will certainly eat much less than those who eat wholeheartedly.

Anna botanina, director of a neuropsychological research center in Russia, also believes that it is well-known that it is not suitable to talk or do other things when eating, otherwise the food is not easy to digest and absorb. Not the most nutritious foods, such as candy, popcorn and chips, may slip into children’s stomachs, especially when they watch cartoons with tense plots. And nutritious foods like soup and porridge have little attraction to them, because the protagonists of their favorite TV programs are all eating delicious things. In short, TV can’t be the main entertainment of people’s life, especially for children. Because of their strong sensibility, the excess information and radiation will lead to the reduction of the working ability of the body. Children’s brain can’t digest food and the information from TV at the same time, so there will be digestive and appetite disorders.

In addition, researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine found that the longer children stay in front of TV, the more they will endlessly ask adults: “Mom, buy me ice cream! Mom, buy me McDonald’s!”

There were 800 third graders who were observed by the researchers. Each child has to watch an average of 22 hours of TV a week. Because the manufacturers put advertisements (candy, drinks, toys, etc.) into TV games and TV programs, these young consumers are eager to shop. They buy toys once a week and taste two kinds of new food in three weeks.

Bai Bai safety net suggests that the problems that babies develop when they grow up are almost formed when they are very young, so we should pay attention to developing their eating habits from childhood. From birth, keep quiet when feeding, turn off the TV, don’t talk while feeding. When the supplementary food is added and the baby is eating, please turn off the TV, don’t give him toys, and don’t chat with him when eating. Of course, you should also turn off the TV when you eat and sit on the table If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.