Many parents have the habit of bathing their babies every night. But the choice of bath time is wrong, which may also affect the baby’s health. So when is the best time for a baby to take a bath?

Bath before bed? Not good for baby to fall asleep

Many adults are used to taking a bath before going to bed at night. They think it can promote blood circulation, relax body and mind, and help sleep. However, some studies have found that sleep quality is related to body temperature, and high body temperature is not conducive to fast sleep. If you bathe your child in the evening, close to the bedtime, and the child’s temperature is high, it is easy to lose sleep. That is to say, taking a bath before going to bed is not suitable for babies or even adults. Families with this habit may need to adjust their bath time.

Take a bath after dinner? It takes 1-2 hours

Many families will choose to bathe their baby after supper, mainly because the baby will get dirty on his clothes when eating, and it is convenient to wash after dinner. However, bathing immediately after meals is very unhealthy, because just after eating, the human digestive system starts to work, a lot of blood is gathered in the stomach, and other organs are in a relatively ischemic state. At this time, when bathing, the blood vessels of the whole body expand, the blood flow of the skin and muscles increases, and the stomach does not have sufficient blood, which will affect digestion. It is suggested that the bath should be arranged 1-2 hours after the meal, and the duration of each bath should not exceed half an hour.

Take a bath before dinner? Good for appetite

Many people don’t think about taking a bath before meals. In fact, it’s good for babies to take a bath before meals. First of all, bathing will let children consume certain physical strength, enhance their desire to eat, and make dinner more delicious. Secondly, bathing your child before dinner can save time in the evening and let the child go to bed earlier, which is conducive to cultivating a good habit of early to bed and early to rise, and eating in the morning is also more appetizing. If your child has a bad appetite, try taking a bath before meals.

Take a bath at noon? The best choice for cold weather

In the cold winter, the temperature at noon is relatively high. Bathing your baby at noon is good to avoid catching cold. It should be noted that the baby has to wait for a period of time to take a bath just after eating lunch, otherwise it is not conducive to digestion. If you can’t arrange the time at noon, you can consider taking a bath in the afternoon, which can not only avoid getting cold easily at night, but also save the time of taking a bath at night, which is conducive to falling asleep as soon as possible.

Baby shower frequency depends on area and weather

How often a baby takes a bath is also the focus of many parents’ debates, 39 which is still decided by the region and weather according to the parenting editor. For example, in the cold and dry northern areas, it is not necessary to bathe every day, because the thickness of the baby’s skin is only 1 / 3 of that of the adult, the cuticle will become more loose after being soaked in water, plus the external stimulation during bathing, the skin will become dry, and Baobao who has bathed frequently will suffer from dry eczema. But in South China where the temperature is high, especially in Hainan Island and other places, it is necessary to bathe the baby every day. Parents need to be flexible.

To sum up, the bath time for the baby can be arranged in combination with the work and rest of the family and the baby’s situation. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!