Computer has become our daily necessities, I believe that many adults like to find their own needs on the Internet. For parents with children at home, computer is a treasure. However, when is it suitable for children to play computer?

Can children play computer

Answer: can play! But must have the good Internet habit, otherwise would rather not play!

The network is a window, play more can open up ideas. Play computer to have control, otherwise very easy to indulge, resulting in bad results, this aspect of parents should pay great attention to guide children.

Two or three-year-old babies are easily attracted by sounds and pictures, especially like computers, which have certain interactivity. As long as you click the mouse, there will be a variety of beautiful pictures, which is easy for babies to have the impulse to try. In addition, children in this age group have been able to cooperate with fingers. When they feel that moving the mouse and tapping the keyboard are done by hand, they certainly want to put their existing skills into practice.

A study shows that pre-school children’s use of computers will make them more adaptable to school life, and their IQ will be improved. From this point of view, computers are indeed better than televisions in terms of interactivity. But the key to children’s access to computers is moderation. If it is too much, it will still have a lot of bad consequences for children. American Pediatrics researchers suggest that babies over two years old should not watch more than two hours of screen every day, including TV, computer, video, etc.

When can children play computer

10-2 years old, no contact.

According to a survey in the United States, about 90% of children often watch various kinds of intelligence development programs on computer or TV before they are 2 years old. Parents explain this: in order to promote children’s intellectual development. In fact, children’s brain needs to be in the real environment to develop healthily. For example, learning to crawl, walking obstacles and other activities can not only exercise the baby’s body, but also let him perceive the real three-dimensional space in the three-dimensional environment. Children need to touch, feel, observe and move real things, train their nervous and cognitive systems with a basic understanding of the real world. Therefore, in this stage, it’s more practical to communicate with children and play more games instead of developing intellectual discs.

From 22 years old to preschool, less contact.

In this period of rapid growth of children’s ability, if parents want him to learn more knowledge, it is the best choice to buy cognitive small books published by professional publishing house, which is economical and affordable, and such cognition is faster than through computer, and is not easy to hurt eyes.

Finally, Baibai safety net reminds us to play computer, but we should study moderately. If we play computer excessively, it will only backfire. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!