Why doesn’t the baby like bathing? It is likely that the mother didn’t pay attention to some places when she bathed him before, such as the temperature was not suitable, the way was not right, etc., which made the baby very uncomfortable or even sick, causing a shadow. So, when the baby resists bathing, try to get the baby used to water!

There’s a great way for a baby to be afraid of water and not take a bath

I. afraid of water when bathing

Parents are worried about their baby’s fear of water and bath. The easiest way for a baby to overcome this fear is to make the baby as happy and relaxed as possible when taking a bath, and to have enough playing time. See if you can find out what your baby is afraid of: the size of the bathtub, the amount of water, or something related to an accident, such as a sudden slide in the water, leaving a shadow in her heart. If it’s caused by the size of the bathtub, try another one.

2. Fear of shampoo in bath

If your baby really hates shampoo, don’t let his hair grow long. Just rub it gently with a towel to keep it clean. One of the main reasons children hate shampoo is that they don’t like the feeling of water flowing on their faces. To overcome this, you can give your child some encouragement: it doesn’t hurt to wash your hair, it can make it clean. Another is to use shampoo without irritating smell.

Another problem is that children with curly hair usually comb their knotted hair before washing their hair, which is a nightmare for them. If you don’t want to cut their hair, you can try some conditioner to make it easier for your children to take care of their hair.

If you have a child who is a little older, you can ask your baby to come to help when you wash his hair, and ask her to wipe out bubbles by wiping her hands, because many children like to play with bubbles very much.

Let children get used to water

Another way to get your baby used to the water on her face is to take her swimming. When she is used to getting her hair wet, you can wash her hair slowly, especially after she swims. You can also gently and cleverly tell her why to use shampoo. A quick shampoo can clean your hair in just a few minutes.

You can also take some other things to play when you bathe at home, such as letting your baby play with bubbles and putting bubbles on her shoulders or face. If you accidentally get your head on the head, you can quickly use shampoo to rinse it for her.

If she likes to swim in the pool, make the most of the swimming lessons and teach her how to swim. Swimming is also an escape skill. If possible, it’s best to teach her how to swim before she goes to school.

In a word, to help a baby bathe, first make him feel happy, and then gradually teach him some bathing skills. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!