Sleeping posture not only directly affects the quality of sleep, but also affects the growth and development of baby. Generally speaking, the sleeping posture of a baby can be divided into three types: prone, supine and lateral. What kind of sleeping posture is safe when a baby sleeps?

What kind of bed is the safest for babies?

Many parents like to put their children on particularly soft objects, such as pillows, quilts, cotton pads, cushions, and soft stuffed toys, because the baby’s face buried in these objects may hinder the smooth breath of the mouth and nose. Don’t let the baby sleep on the waterbed, sofa or soft mattress. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the safest bed is a baby mattress with a sheet. At the same time, it should be noted that the baby should not be placed next to air conditioning, heating, open windows and other ventilation devices!

What is the safest sleeping position for babies?

Generally, children’s sleeping positions include supine, lateral and prone. So which sleeping position is the safest? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants lie on their backs as much as possible, which is the safest position for infants.

Lying on your back reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, which, surprisingly, is the leading cause of infant death within one year of age in the United States. The amount of oxygen or carbon dioxide the prone infant receives from breathing is lower than that of other postures, possibly because the infant will “repeatedly breathe” the limited space air around the nose surrounded by bedding. Of course, there are also studies that show that some areas of the brain of many infants who died of sudden infant death are stunted. When these infants are breathing during sleep, they may not wake up in time to get rid of the danger.

Since 1992, when American Pediatrics recommended sleeping on the back, the sudden infant death rate in the United States has been reduced by more than 50% every year. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the relevant data of China. But for the sake of baby’s safety, except for special circumstances, try to keep the baby under 1 year old lying on his back, especially for the baby within 6 months. For babies, sleeping on their stomach is not the risk of pressing the heart, but the “sudden infant death syndrome”. For the safety of the baby’s sleep, try to let the baby sleep on his back.

3. How to cultivate good sleeping habits for babies?

Cultivate good sleeping habits of the baby. Parents try to let the baby form the habit of sleeping in the crib after the baby is born. Of course, the baby can also sleep in the cradle for a short time during the day. However, in China, babies usually sleep with adults from birth. It is estimated that there are few families that let babies sleep in their cribs independently from birth. However, in any case, we need to gradually update the concept of parenting, create conditions that are more conducive to the healthy growth of the baby, reduce the adverse factors for the safety of the baby, and at the same time, cultivate good living habits of the baby, which may benefit the baby for life.

IV. what should I do when my baby sleeps and kicks on the quilt?

A lot of parents reflect, darling sleeps too dishonest, always pedal quilt, how to do in case of cold? In fact, it’s better for babies to wear pajamas when they sleep, and do not cover blankets. If they are not warm enough, they can use baby sleeping bags.

It is suggested that mothers and infants share the same room. So that parents can observe their baby’s sleep and avoid the risk of suffocation. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!