The fetus has the characteristic of water flowing in the uterine cavity, so the baby can start bathing at a proper time after birth. Bathing can not only clean the skin, but also accelerate blood circulation and promote growth and development. But when is the baby better to bathe? What are the bath methods?

When will the newborn take a bath? What are the bath methods?

Usually in 24 hours.

The temperature of the room should be adjusted before bathing. Test the water temperature with a water thermometer or inside the elbow.

Put the baby on the big bath towel, take off the baby’s clothes, cover the abdomen with the bath towel, that is, wrap the baby’s body with the bath towel.

Hold the baby, hold the head and neck with the palm, wrap the baby’s body with the arm, and clip it under the armpit

First wet the baby’s face with the face washing towel, hold the head and neck with the palm, fix the baby, clean the baby’s eyes with the two small corners of the square towel, clean the ears with the other two corners of the square towel, and clean the face with one side of the other square towel.

Wash the head with the other side of the kerchief. Wet your hair with water, gently massage your head with baby shampoo, cover your baby’s ears with your thumb and index finger to prevent water from entering your ears, and then rinse them with water. After washing, use a small towel to dry the hair slightly (note, shampoo should not be applied directly on the baby’s head, do not press on the baby’s fontanelle).

Remove the bandage, hold the head and neck with the left hand, and gently put the baby’s hip in the bath with the right hand. Cross your baby’s back with your left hand, hold your baby’s left arm with your left hand palm, and let your baby rest his head on his forearm. Wet the upper body with water, slightly let the baby’s head back and wash the neck with soap, then wash with water, and wash the armpit, arms and hands. Wash the perineum and groin with soap on the palm of your right hand. If you are a boy, pay attention to the area covered by the scrotum. Let the baby lie on the right arm to wash the back of the baby’s foot, the crumple behind the knee (pay attention to let the baby’s face incline to the side).

After bathing, hold your head and neck with your left hand, hold your ankles with your right hand, leave the basin, wrap them with a bath towel and absorb the water stains. Pay special attention to the wrinkles of your skin, put on your clothes quickly and keep warm. Dry your hair and body with a bath towel.

Put on diapers, clothes, and umbilical care. Then put on talcum powder. Be careful not to puff too much powder to prevent skin damage caused by hard lumps. Put powder to cover the baby’s mouth and nose to prevent powder inhalation into the lungs.

Xiaobian reminds that the room temperature should be above 23-24 ℃ when bathing, and the water temperature should be 37-40 ℃, too high and too low. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.