Which brand of children’s safety mat is better? Now that’s a treasure for children. When parents buy what children need, they often choose thousands of things. Choose carpet is not out of the list, for parents, in the choice of mats, they often choose children’s mats, because children’s mats are more practical for their children. Is there any hidden danger in children’s safety? Let’s have a look with Baibai safety net.

What brand of children’s mats is good Disney

All materials of Disney floor mats are processed with non-toxic and tasteless materials, which do not contain any harmful ingredients. The products meet the safety technical specifications of GB6675-2003 national toys and the European Union’s Rosh standard. They have passed the tests of Qingdao product quality supervision and Inspection Institute and SGS, an international authoritative testing and inspection institution, respectively, which can ensure the safe and safe use of infants.

What brand of children’s mat is good Meilong

Safety and environmental protection: the upper layer is made of pure Korean fabric, XPE cotton is non-toxic, tasteless and harmless to human body, without any peculiar smell; the front side is color matte surface pressure film, and the lower layer is made of XPE foam cotton, which is moisture-proof, cold proof, heat insulation and elastic. Safe, moisture-proof and antiskid. Large size, superior to the ordinary patchwork floor mats In order to let mothers rest assured, for the healthy growth of the baby, the company uses pure Korean imported green XPE foam cotton materials to make the most intimate crawling pad. Next, please look at the characteristics of XPE. Careful mothers can also search the differences between XPE foam cotton and other materials on the Internet.

What’s the brand of children’s mats? Fisher

Fisher toys is a baby toy brand from the United States. He is made by Mattel for babies. The sister brand has a world-renowned Barbie doll. It is suitable for children aged 0-5 years. It has a history of 74 years. Now it is the first brand of infant toys in the world. Fisher’s toy lab is the only professional children’s toy design Lab in the toy industry. In addition, Fisher’s quality testing center strictly tests every toy, so it is completely safe, environmentally friendly and durable, and absolutely high-quality products.

About what brand children’s mats are good to introduce here. I hope this article will help you. These brands are trusted by the majority of consumers. There should be no quality problem. Parents should learn more about children’s home safety.