If the baby doesn’t sleep well, don’t comfort her mother blindly. There are newborn babies at home, and novice mums may lack some experience in baby care, so they often feel at a loss for their baby’s inexplicable crying. Then, why does baby sleep uneasily and cry? Let the small edition of Baibai safety net know about it with you!

When the newborn sleep is not good, there is crying uneasy situation, we should carefully look for the reasons, targeted measures can be taken. If we can’t find out the reason and take some measures, it won’t help. This may be related to the temperament of the newborn. Then we need the mother to carefully observe how to conform to his life rules and make him quiet. We can often hug him, talk to him, touch his head, body, etc., so that he can have a sense of security, which may be better. In this way, the mother I’m going to work harder.

The most common causes of sleep disturbance and crying in newborns are as follows:

Wet the diaper and bedding after defecation of the newborn can also make the newborn uncomfortable. Even if you use “wet diaper”, it will also make the newborn uncomfortable. As long as you change the wet diaper and replace it with a dry and clean diaper, you can.

When the newborn is hungry in his sleep, he will cry and feel uneasy. He is fed and soon falls asleep again when he is full. Only other newborns are crying and restless at night caused by congenital vitamin D deficiency rickets. It is because of the calcium deficiency caused by vitamin D deficiency when the mother is pregnant, which also leads to the increase of nerve excitability and night crying caused by the lack of calcium in the newborn body. This needs to be solved by a doctor.

When the newborn has diaper rash, eczema, skin erosion and other conditions, it is also the cause of crying and restlessness of the newborn.

Because the sleeping environment is too hot, the newborn sleeps uneasily, such as the room temperature is too high, the package is too tight, the clothes are too much or the cover is too thick, which makes the newborn extremely uncomfortable or even the temperature rises. At this time, as long as the indoor temperature is reduced or the package is loosened, the problem can be solved.

On the contrary, it is not enough to keep warm for the newborn, and the indoor temperature is too low, especially in the area of unconditional heating in winter. The temperature of the newborn can not rise, the hands and feet are cold, crying and restless, etc. at this time, some simple measures can be taken to keep warm, such as raising the indoor temperature, using hot water bags or thermos bottles outside the newborn bedding to keep warm, and It is also a good way to warm the newborn by holding them up and directly contacting their mother’s chest and abdomen.

To remind the mother is: crying or restless can take a tap or touch the child, or give him milk and water, can make the baby fall asleep again. Don’t cuddle and coax at once. It’s a vicious circle. If you have any questions about the benefits of early childhood education and other knowledge about children’s safety education, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of early childhood safety education of Baibai safety net.