The baby should take a bath at least once a day to keep the body clean, accelerate blood circulation and promote growth and development. However, when the baby comes to take a bath, he will cry loudly, which can be sad to explode his parents. So why doesn’t the baby love bathing? The reason may be these!

Why doesn’t the baby like bathing

Q: the baby has been taking a bath for nine months, and she has been very good after taking a bath. But in the past two months, I always cry when I take a bath. My legs and body are all trying to put them out of the bath. When I hold her up, I will not cry. Bathing my baby has become my most troubled problem recently?

A: there are many reasons for baby’s crying in bath. Maybe there is no sense of security, or she has choked water or water in her eyes and ears when she took a bath before. It’s uncomfortable, but her mother didn’t find out, but it made baby have a bad impression and began to be afraid of taking a bath. The following measures are recommended:

1. Change shower gel. The shampoo and body wash used in bathing must be gentle and not irritating to the baby. The products that are too fragrant are often more irritating. You can choose some products without adding or pure plant formula.

2. Turn your attention, take some toys for your baby to play before going into the water, and let it gradually adapt to the water temperature. Many adults bathe in high water temperature. If you bathe your baby according to this water temperature, the baby can’t adapt, and the water is too hot to cry.

3. Massage the baby while bathing. Some babies can’t adapt to the change of the environment and cause crying. Before bathing, the mother tries to touch the baby as much as possible, hug him more, and then put him in the water. You can also try to do massage exercises in the bath to calm the baby’s restless mood and reduce crying.

Also note that do not allow your baby to take a bath at certain times. For example, when you are sleepy at night, if your mother forces your child to take a bath, crying is inevitable. When you are hungry, let alone the crying of your baby.

If the baby really resists bathing, parents should not force the baby to step back in time. Another way to wipe the baby’s body, etc., wait until the baby’s body and mind grow up, and the parents let the baby touch the bath, maybe there will be unexpected gains. If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to the children’s personal health and safety common sense column of Baibai safety net.