Now many young parents play mobile phones as long as they come home, and they won’t accompany their children at all. Such a way of getting along only allows children to watch cartoons or electronic products. And the relevant introduction said that children watching TV is very harmful, so should parents watch TV for their children?

I. can children benefit for life without watching TV

I often imagine such a picture: when children grow up and study, they have a group of special friends. They will seriously discuss all kinds of learning together, and they will happily talk about a certain segment of Disney animation together. One of the biggest topics of children’s social activities is their favorite cartoon animation, just like today’s little girls like Anna and Elsa in nine out of ten. If a child doesn’t watch TV or touch the screen at all, how can he integrate into the world of other children and talk about communication.

Many mothers are worried that watching TV will lead to myopia. Did you know that American research shows that genes are the biggest cause of myopia. Nowadays, no matter the authority or all kinds of parenting experts advocate that TV should be completely cut off when children are young, and all kinds of parent-child games or outdoor activities should be carried out.

In the 21st century, whether you like it or not, audio-visual culture occupies most of our living time and space. If we completely isolate children from the media because of the so-called disadvantages, it is actually irresponsible for children. So why can’t we go with the media and the outdoors, with screens and books.

Our position today is: I want to help children use electronic equipment, and I will not let them leave reading and outdoor entertainment.

2. Wise parents guide their children to watch TV in this way

Smart families never struggle with the question of “should we watch TV for our children?” because they will take measures to let their children enjoy the positive effects of TV and minimize the negative effects. How to do it?

The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that good educational programs on the market are suitable for children over two years old at least, because from the age of two, children’s language ability starts to develop substantially, and they can benefit a lot from educational TV programs such as nature programs and music. Although educational programs can’t replace reading, playing and problem solving, they can enrich children’s lives.

So, will not watching TV for children benefit them for life? Correct guidance is the choice of wise parents! Nothing is absolute. I hope parents find the right way to know that their children watch TV correctly. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.