A big wave of bear children is coming! They are often so energetic, so can’t stop, no matter at home online, on all kinds of interest class counseling classes, parents must focus on the safety of children, small edition is coming in winter vacation, send your children to play computer security manual!

Four safety precautions for children playing computer

Children with a long time of prevention are in a period of rapid physical and mental development. Playing computer for a long time every day is easy to make their nervous system and body fatigue. In addition, the computer fluorescent screen constantly changes and rolls up and down various characters, which will stimulate the eyes and cause certain damage to the eyes. Generally speaking, the playing time of young children should be controlled within half an hour, and that of older children should not exceed one hour. In the middle of the rest time, try to look at the distance, so that the eye muscles regulating vision can be relaxed.

Second, the electric shock proof home computer belongs to class I electrical appliances. In addition, children are curious and like to dismantle and unload at random, so they are prone to electric shock accidents in the process of playing with computers. Therefore, parents must choose safe sockets, and educate their children about safe use of electricity. They often remind children not to use hard objects, especially metal objects and sockets.

A lot of accessories in the three anti noise computer will make noise in operation. Children’s hearing and visual functions are not mature yet. These tissues and organs are very delicate and fragile. Noise will damage the hearing organs. Therefore, the best choice for the family is to mute the computer. When children play with the computer, try not to use other electrical appliances, to avoid the noise superposition or resonance generated by various electrical appliances in the home, so as to form a greater noise.

Four prevent light discomfort when children play computer, indoor lighting should be sufficient and soft, do not let the light directly shine on the eyes. If the indoor environment light is too strong or too weak, it will cause a strong contrast between the screen and the outside world, which is easy to cause eye irritation. For example, if you play computer in the evening, you should turn on an incandescent lamp nearby. At the same time, try to adjust the position between the computer and the computer to avoid the strong light directly shining on the screen. When playing computer in the daytime, if there is a window behind you, you must draw the curtain. Because if the computer screen reflects the bright image of the window, it will cause eye fatigue.  

The above is the safety net that tells you what safety to pay attention to when you let your children play with computers. I also hope that you can popularize these to your children so that they can have a safe and happy holiday. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.