Although the use of thermometer in daily life has been very common, but for the first time, there is still a problem that people do not know how to use thermometer. The electronic thermometer can be used to measure different parts in different ways. According to the different measurement methods of people, it can also be divided into three kinds, namely, oral temperature, axillary temperature and Anal temperature.

The electronic thermometer measures different parts and uses different methods:

Ear temperature measurement method 1. Press the power button to make sure that the “preparation mark” has been displayed. Press the sliding plate button, the probe extends and automatically covers the rubber sleeve, and check whether the rubber sleeve is damaged. If not, the temperature shall be measured within 30 seconds. 2. Within 3 years old, pull the ear downward and backward, and then put the ear thermometer head into the ear. If you are over 3 years old (including adults), pull your ears up and back, put the probe into the ear canal, close it, press the temperature measuring button, and keep it for one second. When you hear a single long tone “beep”, let it go and complete the temperature measurement. 3. Take out the ear temperature gun, quickly return the sliding plate, and the rubber sleeve will automatically separate from the probe to read the temperature.

Frontal temperature measurement method 1, must do room temperature correction first, that is, according to the instructions attached to the frontal temperature gun converted to the center temperature. 2. The measurer must keep his forehead dry at rest. 3. Place the forehead thermometer about 2-5cm in front of the forehead, and press the button to measure until the color changes or the temperature data appears.

Mouth temperature measurement method 1. Before use, the thermometer degree should be dropped below 35 ℃. 2. Place the thermometer (tablet) under the tongue (hold it, do not bite or speak with force). 3. Take a small amount of thermometer for 3-5 minutes, 7 minutes is the best. 4. Take out the thermometer, read the temperature data, wipe it with toilet paper, and then sterilize it with alcohol cotton (wipe it from the tail end to the mercury end in a rotating way). Take out the thermometer and wait for 10 seconds. After reading the degree, discard it.

Axillary temperature measurement method 1. Before use, the thermometer degree should be dropped below 35 ℃. Place the thermometer at the top of the armpit, and the mercury end shall be tightly contacted with the skin under the armpit and clamped to avoid dislocation or falling. 2. Measure for 5-10 minutes. 3. Take out the thermometer, read the temperature data, and wipe the thermometer with toilet paper.

Measurement of Anal temperature 1. The baby is in the position of supine, leg lifting or lying on the stomach, while the children and adults are in the position of side lying. 2. Before use, the thermometer degree shall be dropped below 35 ℃. Lubricate the mercury ball end of anal surface with lubricant (Vaseline or paraffin oil). 3. Pull the anus open, rotate the anal surface and insert it slowly and gently. Hold the hand of anal surface and fix it on the hip to prevent slipping or inserting too deep. 4. Insertion depth: 1.25cm for infants, 2.5cm for children and 3.5cm for adults. 5. Measure for 2-5 minutes. 6. Take out the anal table, read the temperature data, wipe it with toilet paper, and then sterilize it with alcohol cotton.

The electronic thermometer can measure the temperature of human body quickly and accurately. Compared with the traditional mercury glass thermometer, it has the advantages of convenient reading, short measuring time, memory and beep prompt, while the use of different parts is different. Therefore, we should try to learn the correct use of different parts. If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.