It’s cold. Many families use electric heaters. Although the heating effect of the electric heater is very good, it can produce high heat in a short time or in an instant, so we should pay special attention to the safety and health risks when using it. Especially if there are infants at home, it is safe to use the electric heater correctly.

It is safe to use the electric heater correctly

Please follow the “instructions”

When using the electric heater, be sure to follow the instructions. If the heater has been damped and rusted due to improper storage, do not use it rashly. When purchasing the electric heater, we must also select the brands that have good reputation and pass the inspection (please refer to the website of the Inspection Bureau for inquiry), so as to ensure our own safety.

The electric heater should be placed at least 50 cm away from the body

Keep a certain distance when using the electric heater. Do not get too close to your body. Avoid burning accident when you get close to the high temperature for a long time. Do not place inflammables around the electric heater to avoid fire. In addition, the larger electric heater (such as blade electric heater) will be equipped with a device that can hang clothes beside the machine body. Consumers must follow the instructions when using it. Clothes cannot cover the cooling holes of the electric heater to avoid danger caused by improper use.

Choose electric heater, all of these must be considered!

Want to buy a good use and budget electric heater, in the face of a variety of electric heaters on the market, how to choose?

Is the commodity mark clear?

Related to the rights and interests of consumers, after-sales services, etc

Whether you buy domestic or imported brand electric heater, you should choose the model that has passed the national inspection. The commodity label shall have complete “company (or agent) name”, “company address”, “company service telephone”, “consumer service line”, “place of origin” and “inspection qualified number” and other marks. Consumers should not forget to check whether there is a “company warranty card” when purchasing, and should stamp the shop seal to ensure that the goods are correct.

What kind of heating effect would you like?

It is related to the model, model size and price of the electric heater

In addition, when parents choose, they should also consider which kind of warming effect you want, which is to “make the whole room warm” or “partial warm”? When consumers choose the electric heater, they can think that the electric heater will be placed in the room or moved by people? If the mother’s consideration tends to “fixed in the baby room”, then they can consider that it can reach the whole The style of warm room effect. However, this type of electric heater, which can reach the effect of the whole warm room, is usually large and heavy, so it is not convenient to move around.

If the parents’ needs are more inclined to “change the placement position of the electric heater from time to time”, for example, after the baby takes a bath, in order not to let the baby catch cold, the electric heater will be moved to the room first, but it will be used in the study or living room at ordinary times, then you can choose a light, mobile and fast heating model.

What is the floor number of rooms equipped with electric heaters?

Related to the brand, model, model size and budget of electric heater

Although “applicable floor number” will be marked on the electric heater, it is not enough to only refer to the floor number for selection, because whether the room is elevated, the degree of ventilation, and whether the space is open or closed will affect the effect of the heating room. Therefore, when you are shopping for electric heaters, you may as well discuss with the sales staff about the expected space, number of floors, use time, etc., and ask the professional staff to select several electric heaters that meet your budget and demand for you.

How much is your budget?

It is related to the brand, model (blade type or ceramic type, quartz, halogen lamp) and model size of the electric heater

In all kinds of considerations, why “how much is the budget” should be put behind carefully? Because the price of the electric heater will fall because of the brand, the effect of the heating room and the different models. Before choosing, parents can go to the electrical appliance stores or shopping malls to find out the price of various electric heaters, and then measure how much budget they should prepare to buy according to their own use.

Buy for a specific use?

Related to the model of electric heater

If there are infants or pets (such as cats and dogs) in the home, parents should pay more attention to the two conditions of “stable base, not easy to dump” and “automatic power-off with dump” when choosing the electric heater. Because infants are curious and active, but not as careful as adults, parents should pay special attention to these safety considerations when purchasing In order to avoid scalding of infants and children or safety accidents at home caused by inadvertent toppling of electric heater.

Does the electric heater have the “dump automatic power-off function”?

Safety issues related to members of the family, the family has children, this is a necessary consideration!

Under the consideration of safety, if the electric heater accidentally topples, it is better to have the function of “toppling and automatic power-off”. Because if you lay a carpet or use it on a wooden floor, if the electric heater is tipped over, it may cause dangerous accidents in the state of continuous heat production! Therefore, parents should carefully consider the safety concerns when purchasing!

What’s the warranty period of the heater?

It is related to the service life of the electric heater

Based on careful calculation, you won’t want to buy the electric heater to last only one winter! Although the time of using the electric heater is more concentrated in autumn and winter, after all, a good quality electric heater also costs thousands of yuan, even tens of thousands of yuan, so the warranty period is still a very important consideration for consumers! Generally speaking, the warranty period of the electric heater is about 1-3 years Between.

It can be seen that the electric heater uses electric energy, so we must pay attention to its safety. If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as anti electric shock, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s anti electric socket safety common sense column.