The baby has to take a bath every day. The mother and the baby enjoy this wonderful time of happy coexistence. Take a bath, of course, bath supplies can not be less. However, those exquisite bath products on the shelves have dazzled mothers, and they have not bathed their babies yet, so the choice has become a challenge. So, would you choose baby shower products? Parents need to master two points!

Choice of bath and bath products for baby

1. Neutral detergent with no fragrance and soap free is the best.

The baby’s skin is quite sensitive (especially scalp), and it is easy to be allergic to chemical composition, flavor and flavor components, especially the chemical synthesis of the interface activator, because it is strong in removing fat, and it will cause damage to hair follicles and affect the healthy growth of hair for a long time. Department of dermatology experts suggest that mothers should not only pay attention to “fragrance” while choosing cleaning products for infants and young children, but choose neutral cleaning products without fragrance or soap, so that they will not burden children’s skin.

2. Please avoid the ingredients that are easy to make the baby’s scalp allergic

Here are several chemical ingredients that are often added to shampoo. Infants should avoid using shampoo or bath cleaning products containing the following ingredients as much as possible.

Chemical active interface agent:









How to care for baby after bathing

When wrapping the baby’s whole body with a bath towel, the umbilicus can be left out, and the umbilicus can be cleaned from the middle to the outside with an alcohol cotton stick. Pay attention to keep the umbilicus dry and clean. If the navel is red, purulent or has an unpleasant smell, it should be treated by a doctor.

Usually in the wrinkle of the skin, you can put some talcum powder on the baby to make him feel dry and comfortable. Apply skin care oil to the baby’s buttocks to prevent diaper rash caused by urine stimulation.

Put on diapers and clothes for the baby. However, the baby should not be tightly wrapped in the “candle pack”, and should relax his hands and feet, so that he can move freely, which is conducive to breathing and blood circulation, so as to promote growth and development.

If the baby’s face skin is dry, you can also apply a small amount of moisturizing oil on the face to keep the skin moist and smooth. It is worth noting that the baby products such as skin care oil and talcum powder sold on the market can be used appropriately only when there is no disease on the baby’s skin. And these oil or powder can not be directly sprinkled on the skin of the newborn, it should be sprinkled on your hands first, and then on the baby.

If the skin has rash, red buttocks and other conditions, it is the most important to keep dry and apply medicine according to the doctor’s instructions. At this time, if you use these oils or powders, it will be a redundant irritant for your baby, but it is harmful and useless.

Let’s start from every step of baby shower product selection, and slowly solve the doubts of mothers. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!